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May 14, 2014

English Grammar Online Practice Exercise

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Friends, in this online English practice exercise we are giving you 15 English sentences. For each sentence below we gave instructions in bold letters. Read them and do as directed. Take a rough paper and write your answers. We will post the answers in 15 minutes. Happy Reading :)
  1. The exercises in the workbook were well graded but the students found them difficult
    • (Rewrite the above sentence using 'Although')
  2. 'What should I do with your mail, while you are away ?' asked the secretary.
    • (Rewrite the above sentence in reported speech)
  3. She is so clever that she will see through your tricks.
    • (Rewrite the above sentence using 'too')
  4. Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities in India.
    • (Begin the above sentence with 'Very few....')
  5. They have pulled down the house.
    • (Rewrite the above sentence using passive voice).
  6. Search his pockets and you will find the watch.
    • (Begin the above sentence with 'if....')
  7. I recieved no answer, I knocked a second time.
    • (Combine the above two sentences using 'When')
  8. They came to see us as often as they ......
    • (Fill in the above blank with a modal)
  9. You will be late .......... you hurry.
    • (Insert a connective)
  10. The children have been waiting for the bus............ nine in the morning.
    • (Insert an appropriate word)
  11. He went for a walk. He finished doing his homework.
    • (begin with 'Having..........')
  12. I had finished .................. the book when the door bell rang.
    • (Use the correct form of 'read' in the above blank)
  13. It is ........... honour to be invited to meet th4e President of India.
    • (Insert appropriate article)
  14. It is a knon fact that Shaina is the sprots champion of the college.
    • (Rewrite the above sentence in the negative form)
  15. There aren't apples left in the basket.
    • (Fill in a determiner)
Check Answer Key from here
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  1. thanks,plz post DI for sbi po that you post last two days i.e.pie chart, bar graph


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