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April 25, 2014

Sentence Improvement Practice Exercises - Set 2


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Friends, here is the set 2 of English Sentence Improvement Exercises. You can read Set 1 from here. Check the following sentences and find out which of the phrases 1, 2, 3 and 4 should replace the phrase printed in italics in the following sentences to make the sentence grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct, mark (5) i.e., "No correction required" as your answer.

A master should never impose his servants too much work
  1. his servants with too much work
  2. too much work with his servants
  3. too much work on his servants
  4. too much work for his servants
  5. no correction required

In which newspaper the Prime Minister's speech appeared ?
  1. did the Prime Minister's speech appeared
  2. did the Prime Minister's speech appear
  3. the Prime Minister's speech was appeared
  4. the Prime Minister's speech did appeared
  5. no correction required

My brother is ill of fever and so I am.
  1. of fever and so am I
  2. of fever like I am
  3. with fever and so I am
  4. by fever and so I am
  5. no correction required

Not knowing the language and with having no friends in the country, he found it impossible to get a job
  1. has no
  2. had no
  3. with having not
  4. having no
  5. no correction required

The weather was rather worse than I had expected
  1. worst than I had expected
  2. the worst than I expected
  3. worse than I expected
  4. worse than I am expecting
  5. no correction required

It is easy for children than for adults to learn a new language
  1. very easy to children as
  2. easy as for children as
  3. as easy as children
  4. easier for children than
  5. no correction required

Taxes are high in this country, aren't they ?
  1. doesn't it ?
  2. do they ?
  3. aren't taxes ?
  4. don't they ?
  5. no correction required

If you have been careful, you could have avoided the accident
  1. If you are
  2. Had you been
  3. Have you had been
  4. Had you have been
  5. no correction required

Success, according to many people, are making more and more money ?
  1. is making
  2. is made
  3. are made
  4. is to making
  5. no correction required

Please stating the problem first before proceeding to suggest the solution
  1. first stating the problem
  2. state the problem at first
  3. state the problem first
  4. stating the problem
  5. no correction required

It will depend now on they coming on time
  1. they come
  2. them coming
  3. their's coming
  4. their coming
  5. no correction required

We agreed to go to Calcutta and staying there for a month
  1. to stay
  2. to going
  3. to going to
  4. going
  5. no correction required

We were fascinated by the sweet and soothing music
  1. sweetly and soothingly
  2. sweetened and soothing
  3. sweetly and soothing
  4. sweetly but soothing
  5. no correction required

The roads are wet, it must had rained last night
  1. must have
  2. must have been
  3. might had
  4. would have been
  5. no correction required

They did not respond to the medicine; I did not neither.
  1. I did either
  2. nor did I
  3. nor I did not
  4. nor did not me
  5. no correction required

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  1. if you have been careful, you could have voided the accident ds question's answer right ,??????????/
    the answer is if you are or if you were?????

  2. If you have been careful you could have avoided the accident.
    I think in this question answer is no correction required.

    1. My mistake friends.. If I have been careful, I could have avoided such a silly mistake :)

      corrected now... and I will check twice before posting...

  3. thanks for changing the color . now it is good

  4. Admin plz tell whether diagram questions will be there in reasoning part of sbi P.O.

  5. Pls smbdy tell. Postal exam date Lko circle k liyekb tk ayega??

  6. nice material ... but please update some more basic english material for postal assistant compared to previous years questions ... thankx a lot admin :-)

  7. helpful mam. Thanq


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