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March 27, 2014

NICL AO Interview Experience from Bengaluru


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Name : Saikumar M 

Interview Details : NICL AO (Engineering Specialist)

Venue : Garden city, Bengaluru

Date : 25th March 2014
Batch : 12 noon

Verification dept were friendly and encouraging all candidates.

4 members were there in my panel...

Panel : Uses of IT in any organization.(I was like wtf !!  I m not from IT and very poor in programming. why did they start with this question...)
Me : IT means developing softwares and applications which will be useful in any organization. It makes task easier for everyone. For ex : in banks there are softwares and applications which enable customer transactions and store data etc.

Panel : what is use of IT in insurance sector.
Me : I couldn't answer this question as I donno what is its use but then said that something something..

Panel : Difference between IT and ITES?
Me : IT means programming and developing diff applications and softwares, whereas IT enabled services interact/communicate with customers and act as mediator between IT and customers.

Panel : Reasons for damage of Electronic component ?
Me : Electronic components may be damaged due to voltage fluctuations, over heating, aging and misplacing them.

Panel : and ?? U may say internal or external reasons.
Me : (after thinking for few secs) Sorry sir, I donno much about this.

Panel :Name women CMs of India and state name.
Me : Rajasthan : V Raje, WB : Mamta benarjee, TN : Jayalalitha

Panel : Speak few lines about Nelson mandela .
Me : He was former South African president, he expired recently.(Didnt get any thing beyond this in my mind)

Panel : Recently a film star started political party in AP, his name and party name ?
Me : (I started answering even before they completed their qn) Its pavan kalyan, bro of Chiranjeevi and party name Jana sena party.

Panel : Who is CM of AP?
Me : At present no CM for AP. Recently KKR resigned and presidential rule is imposed in AP.

Panel : what is capital punishment ?
Me : I said blah blah but they asked what is the punishment given to culprits. I said Life Improsonment but I'm not particular about it.

Panel : Not particular, ok ok. its death sentence to culprits.
Me : Thank you sir.

Panel : we are done now.
Me : stood up and thanked them.

Thanks to Saikumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. wish u all the best


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  4. plz help us with lichfl exam syallabus, what to read in gs and maths,is geometry comes in exam??


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