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February 12, 2014

Interview experience of Prasanna Kumar (Ibps clerical III)


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Hi friends, I am Prasanna Kumar, I would like to share my interview experience of IBPS Clerical III.

Interview Place : IOB, Chennai

Interview Time : 8:30 AM

Document Verification Process started at sharply 8:50am; First person attended the interview sharply at 9am.

My document verification was done at 10:50am. Interview Started at 11:15 am.

Me : I have asked excuse me and opened the door,

G:   they asked me to come in and asked me to sit down.

Me : I have said thank you and good morning to all.

G4: when did you completed your college and which year and which college?

Me: I have replied for it.

G1 & G2& G4: After college what you are doint till now?

Me: I have explained about my working experiences in different companies.

G4: Then they asked me about demand deposit.

Me : Since its first question i said i am nervous and i not able to recollect it.

G2: He gave me water and gave sometime to calm down.

G4: What are the accounts are there in the bank.

Me : I have replied.

G4: What is Balance Sheet, what is the balance sheet does?

Me: I have replied.

G4: What is Deprecitation? and is there any methods to calculate the same?

Me: I have replied.

G2: If i have to apply for credit card? how i have to get it? and whether the bank will directly allot it to customers are there any procedures?

Me: I have said the criteria to get the credit card. I have said it was based on the cibil rating.

G2: What is cibil?
Me: I have explained it.

G2: Expansion of cibil?
Me: Sorry sir, not able to recollect it.

G4: Whether you have attended any interview(only banking) before?

Me: No sir, last time i was cleared the written exam but i am short of two marks for cut-off, so i not able to attend in any of the banking interview last time.

Me: I Said yes sir G1 (Lady): You have mentioned your mother tongue as Marathi, Are you know tamil?

Me: I said yes mam.

G2: Given one Tamil news paper to read it.

Me: I have read it accurately with the speed.

G1: Will you able to write Tamil?

Me: I said yes mam.

G2: Has dictated few lines from Tamil newspaper and asked me to write down in a paper?

Me: I have written it.

G1 & G2: G1 asked to G1 he written perfectly or not? G1 said yes its perfect.

G1: Asked about is there any difference between education loan and term loan?

Me: I replied as to be frank i don't know mam.

G2 & G4 has said my performance was satisfied them but rest of them not commented and they said thank you and you can leave now.

Me: Thank you all. Have a nice day!

Thanks to Prasanna Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Which panel u r from plz tell

  2. which panel..bcoz for me its 5th..

  3. All the best! Wats ur Score?

  4. U r interview was nice prasanna kumar and plz tell they gave which paper to read u dina thanthi or dina karan because I am some what poor in Tamil plz tell

    1. they want tamil people only frnd so talk only in tamil.all interview goes only tamil language in finished interview in12th.

    2. Thanx a lot frnd

  5. arey bhai ... dnt keep d cmnts as replied ... if u answered for those ques plz write dat ... so dat aders will get .. aftr ur intrvw is cmpltd no one wil regret u

  6. Yes please give the replies also friend

  7. whats ur graduation ? Coz they ve asked abt balance sheet, depreciation n all .. !

  8. Hello Prasanna Kumar What was you subject in graduation?


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