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February 12, 2014

IBPS Clerk 3 Interview Experience from Mumbai


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Name : Pratiksha Avachare

State :  Maharashtra

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra, Mumbai

Date : 11-2-2014  @ 1 pm

Qualification : B.E. Computer (2012 passed out)

Score : 113

Category : SC

    I reached the venue by 12 noon. Maximum candidates were from my home town nashik so it was quite comfortable environment. My verification was completed by 3.45 pm. I was 19 in my panel. Total 25 members were there. My turn came at 5.15 pm.

There were 4 members in the panel. 3 males and 1 female. All in their 50s.

I gently knocked the door and said may I come in sirs and madam.

M1: Yes come in and have the seat.
Me : I took my seat and said thank you sir and madam.

M1: ok introduce yourself?
Me : replied.

M2: tell me about your family?
Me : replied.

M2:why you want to join bank after engg we are not going to give you any softwares to handle?
Me : sir I want job security.

M2: aren't you overqualified for this job?
Me: sir I have more of technical knowledge related to my field but this area is completely different for me so new tasks will keep me challenging.

M2: but still I feel you can get good package in your area?
Me : banking is my area of interest right from beginning so I started preparations immediately after my graduation. I feel working in the area you are interested is more important then only you can give your best.

M1: what is FDI?
Me : replied.

M2: what is bank?

M2: what is difference between saving account and fixed deposit?
Me : replied

M1: latest news you read about notes?
Me: replied.

M1: functions of RBI?
Me : replied

M2:what is GDP?
Me: replied.

M2: what is the rate of dollar in comparison with rupee?
Me: replied.

M2: what is the rate of euro and pound?
Me: sorry sir.(this was the only question I could not answer).

M1: what is NABARD ?
Me: replied.

M1: which bank is there for looking after export and import of India?
Me: replied.

M2: again but still I feel it will be very injustice with your qualifications to do a clerk level job?
Me : again optimistically stated my point of view ( friends I got 71% in engg which is very difficult to score in Pune university)
He wanted to hear that I will get promossion after a couple of years once I join bank but never in my conversession I used the word promotion because I knew it will have negative impact in their mind. I showed them that how willingly and eagerly I want this job.

M3: she is saying it honestly. She is really willing to work for bank.
( finally thank god they were convinced).

M3: are you ready to work anywhere in Maharashtra ?
Me: yes sir.
( these were the only lines he spoked rest all the time he was reading newspaper as if pretending to be not part of interview).

M2:anyone wants to ask anything?
No one asked.

M2: for how many days did you prepare for interview and what did you prepare?
Me: for 10-15 days and basic banking terms as I was really new to this field.

M1: ok thank you.
Me: thank you sirs and madam.

        My interview lasted for 15 min. Overall it was very good. I was very confident while speaking and it was both in English and Marathi. The lady did not ask a single question. She was a silent observer. I hope I get selected.

       Remember friends be confident and try to maintain eye contact even if they pretend to neglect you it is one of the part of interview only. It's just confidence and communication that matters. No need that you should answer every single question. Throughout the interview I kept a little smile.

All d best to all the candidates!!!!

Thanks to Pratiksha for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. your interview seems very nice .... all d best dear. my interview is on 16 feb vadodra god knows what will happen ..... bt ya gr8ambitionz is doning great job for all of us..

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  3. nice conversation gd all the best dear...

  4. export and import ka answer EXIM bank hoga or RBI hoga?

  5. did they asked to write or read marathi?

  6. Finally a review from maharashtra..thanks..
    All the best

  7. How was the document verification, are they accepting undertaking also

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  9. Frnds how to post my interview experience in ths site..

  10. is there anyone having the interview in jalandhar

  11. Maharashtra ka aur dalo.............I see only andhra andhra and andhra

  12. nice interview all the best

  13. Rajasthan se bhi ek do interview reviews de do yaar... :)

  14. your interview was at bandra or fort?

  15. you definitely gonna selected as you had decent interview, vary high written exam marks than a cut off for your category..all the best and thank for sharing d experience..:)

  16. i have contract based job in govt first grade college. is it necessary to produce no objection certificate during interview

  17. Thanks pratiksha thank you for giving review of Maharashtra's Interview Panel

  18. main Bihar se hun but mera interview pune me hoga ,main mrathi nahi janti hun kya main interview de paungi

  19. How did u convinced them that u r not overqualified for the job and willing to work as clerk?...plz reply

  20. give interview experiences from agra


  21. bank of maharashtra bandra
    i guys today i had my interview here r some questions as i am a south indian they gave me marathi news paper nd told to read i could read bt coudnt explain meaning? so be prepared 4 this
    1 what is current ratio? nd current ratio kitna hona chahiye?
    2 rbi functions
    3 financial inclusion
    4 money laundering
    5 what r direct taxes nd income
    6 what is diff between excel nd word
    7 what r your hobbies
    8how many members r there in ur family
    9 y should we hire u in our bank
    thats it frnds

  22. 2 more questions
    10 what is self help group
    11 what is diff between pvt bank nd public bank


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