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February 14, 2014

Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks 2014 - Naveen Kumar


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Name                    :   Naveen Kumar. S

Qualification        :   BE Mechanical

IBPS Score           :   85

Interview Venue  :   IOB Regional Office, Chennai

Time                     :   8.30 AM

I have reached the venue at 8.00 Am. There were around 80-100 fellow aspirants in the hall. Many of us were standing nearly 30Mins. There were no more chairs to seat.  Since many candidate came with their parent.  And finally at 9.00 Am we are instructed to go to the respective Panel, a few mins later documents verification was started. They have said us to seat according to the serial no which they read before us. I am the 2nd candidate in my panel. And they told us to arrange the documents as per the mentioned order. I ve done the arrangement of my documentss. In a short while I was called for docs verification took around 5 min. They are very keen on checking spell mistakes and OBC Certificate validity.
My turn comes at 9.40 AM.
I entered by asking permission, they said come in (in combine).
As we know there were 4-members of which 3-men and 1-women aged b/n 45-50 years.
I said good morning sirs, forget to wish madam there. Then they told me to sit, I thanked them and seated comfortably.
M1: Naveen Kumar, tell me abt you?
Me: Thank you sir, it’s been a great opportunity to introduce myself
                Well my name is Naveen Kumar, and everyone usually call me as Naveen.
I am basically from a village called Naduvalur which is around 60km from Salem. Suddenly M2 interrupted and asked where it is from Salem towards which place? I said towards Perambalur. He said he knows the place. And again I started; I did my schooling in nearby town Attur and i got 71% in 10 & 88% in 12th grades. Then I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering at Hindusthan college of Engg & Tech, Coimbatore. After that I ve worked nearly 3and half years. Basically I am a kind of jovial guy; always do some fun around the people with me. (M1 Smiled). And abt my family my father is a driver, and mom is a Housewife, and I ve one elder sis, she got married and having one girl child. That’s all in short sir.
M1: Subsequently you got arrears in maths and subsequently you cleared, why & how?
Me: I smiled and said I love Maths (pointed my marks in 12th maths), but during my college I have prepared maths in the same pattern as like other subjects, But it need a little workouts, where I lagged. That was the reason. And also said, one of my friend were teased me during fouth sem, this time you r gng to keep arrear in Probability & stat, I challenged him, this time it won’t happen again, and thank god atleast I made some preparation and cleared.
M1: What is famous in Salem?
Me: I said, as we all know, it is famous for mango fruits.
M1: ok tell me what kind of mangoes is famous in Salem?
Me: (I was stuck, I dnt know any kind in particular, suddenly I remembered Maambazhama song from Pokkiri film) Thank to the lyricist. I got one answer, Said “Malgova”.
M2: Any other kind?
Me: I said “sir I never eat mangoes so I dnt know abt its kinds.”
M2: Why do you want to get into banking?
M2: Tell abt your fav Engg subject?
Me: I said ENgg Graphics.
M2: Then you might have try and be a graphics designer, Why banking?
Me: Here I answered in a mismatch way. (Eventhough i prepared some diplomatic answers)
I hope somehow I managed to give him a convincing answer.
Ans:  Sir I have been writing bank exams, since my graduation. But initially, I have no idea abt the systematic preparation. And sometimes I got tired of my work, so I never prepared well. But a certain point of time I felt I must clear the bank exams, and then I quit my job and dedicated myself completely for the preparation.
M2: It seems there is nothing shows interest in banking.
Me: I said I have an attitude; I wanted to be different from my family & relatives profession. Up to now nobody in my fam & relatives chosen banking. So I wanted to be the first one from my side to choose this sector.
M1: How did you prepare?
Me: I said I prepared through online websites.
M1: What are the websites, tell me few?
Me: I said few webs which I am following.
M1: Tell me in which area you are familiar? So question you on that.
M1: I am not familiar in any topics but I said “may be you can rise questions on current affairs and Basic baking terms”
M1: What is bank rate?
Me: I said 9%, he again asked, I said “it is the interest charged by RBI on its loans that it gave to commercial banks.
M3: Who is owner for RRB’s?
Me: I was confused and said, Sir I think Nabard and Every RRB have owned by Central govt., State govt., and the sponcer bank.
M3: Who is RBI governor and who was prior to the present?
Me: At present Mr. Raghuram Rajan prior to him Dr. Subba Rao sorry Duvvuri SubbaRao
M3: Who is the president of India and who was prior to the present?
Me: Mr. Pranab Mukherji and prior to him Pratibha Patil.
F1: Read the marked paragraph in the paper (Tamil daily Newspaper) in front of you.
Me: I read and M1 said ok.
F1: Write your name in Tamil and write a few lines about your favorite international or national leader
Me: I wrote my name and few lines about Modi. 
M3: Do you play something (in Tamil)?
Me: S, I play online chess & carom. (Tamil)
M1: How many squares are there in a chess Board?
Me: I said 64, M1: does any square is no important? I said no sir every square is important
M1: How many queens possibly you can get?
Me: I said a few times I played with two queens. Again he asked, I said if we took all the 8 pawn to get power then we can play with 9 queens. But it is impossible.
M1: Ok all the best.
Me: I thanked everyone and left.

For me the questions are in English and I answered too in English. Only the last part of my interview was in local language. And overall I felt comfortable with the panel members. I was little nervous when I was waiting for my turn. But I kept myself cool by making some fun around the fellow aspirants. And I hope I did some good gesture. But doesn’t know what they had an idea on me. Let’s hope for the best.

Friends just do some fun with your fellow candidates; you will get a relaxed automatically. And you will perform better. All the best to all :)

Thanks to Naveen Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. why aadhar linked to gas subsidy and bank accounts why not PAN or voter card

    1. Aadhaar is to prevent duplicate connections of LPG and diversion at LPG Dealer level by showing fake names...

    2. why cant we use PAN and voter card

  2. can any1 please post ur interview experience at tirupati venue of andra pradesh

  3. i missed my application submitted to deccan gramin call letter they mentioned bring that form..application reprint date also expired..please any one give me the alternative solution..9493360564

  4. i missed my application submitted to deccan gramin call letter they mentioned bring that form..application reprint date also expired..please any one give me the alternative solution..9493360564

    1. don,t worry sudheer go to interview and tell your query in document verification sir

  5. when are the clerk interviews getting over?

  6. All the best Bro...

  7. hi naveen first of all all the best iam also from salem BE mech 2011 finished college from coimbatore. ihad query pls clarify till date iam not secure job what if they ask this and what is the cut for obc and what is ur mark plsssssssssssssssssssssss ans this

  8. When will the result of interview out of I bps clerk -3

  9. i attended the interview yesterday in trichy .all questions are asked in tamil but i answered in english .i m afrtaid of being selected please help me .

  10. yesterday i attended the interview at trichy .all questions are asked in tamil but i answered in english will i selected please reply

  11. Name : Boopathi.M

    Qulification: BE Mechanical

    Ibps Score : 88 (OBC)

    Venue: Chennai IOB

    Date : Feb 14-1pm-Panel 1

    Am the 19 th Candidate in list out of 25.So i have lot of time to wait.My certificate verification done at 4 Pm.My interview started at 5 PM.... Even in AC am sweating due to Nervous.. I managed it by drinking water.

    There are 3 males and 1 Female...

    I entered the room with a smile(While Asking Permission)- my Interview was fully in Tamil nor a single line in English

    F1: Come on Boopathi ,Why you was so happy?
    ME: I was too surprise and like a dream to be here, that y mam,This is my first comptv exam in my carrier...

    M1 : Where are you from?
    ME: I am from Aanayampatty ,a village from Gangavalli Tk in Salem DT

    M1: Whats ur Father & Mother?
    ME: Both were Farmer

    M1: Any SIster?????
    ME: Ya one younger sister,She too trying for the same Exam???

    M2: Work Experience??
    ME: Told

    M3: M.Boopathi, Mahesh Boopathi??
    ME: NO Sir am Mani Boopathi (All were laughed)

    F1: Why you want Banking after the Ever Green mechanical engineering??
    ME: Mam.. Ever one telling like this means where the engineers will go???,Every year Around 50 thousand mechanical engineers are getting out in Tamilnadu.If its an IT Company means they(A GOOD MNC) recurit minimum 200 engineers for a single company..But in Mechanical MNCs they need maximum 20 engineers only,,, others are mostly ITI .See the Ratio mam.... Lots of Engineers are struggling outside Me too One of the guy in that...And then whatever salary am getting in Private sector its not stable and permanent. Goverment salary is God's salary mam and felt settled in the life...

    F1 : Hmmmm

    M2 : Tell four foreign Banks
    ME: Told

    M3 : Ready to serve anywhere?
    ME ; sure

    M3 : If we give u the job, surely will u stay in the job???
    ME: Sirrrr (smile) I will sign u a bond and then u give the job..ok..

    F1 : No No Boopathi..That thing are we dont want??

    F1 start the next question, M3 interupt and told Very good Boopathi and Best of luck...

    ME: Thank you sirs and mam, Bye...

    Guys interviewers are sooo Friendly, I never seen such a interviewers like them. For each and every answer they encourage me..

    Guys there is any chance to get job for the score 88????

  12. Dei naveen.. Interview experience lam podura.. hmm kalakku.. Seekiram neeyum joi panu..:)


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