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February 19, 2014

Interview Experience from Guntur - Anjali


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Good Afternoon everyone , I am Anjali from Andhra Pradesh recently attended IBPS clerk interview , i like to share my experience with all of you....

Name : Anjali

date of interview : 14/02/14

venue : Andhra Bank, Guntur, Andhra pradesh
Qualification : B-tech (E.C.E)

session : Morning

Panel - II

score : 127

My interview happened between 12:45pm to 1:00 pm. Iam so tired by  that time. while verification of certificates they asked us to write some few lines in telugu ,just to check our knowledge of local language..i wrote about recently watched movie "1 nenokkadiney". And coming to my interview

I asked their permission and entered the room . My interview held in local language.There are 4 members 3 male and 1 female. I greeted them they asked me to sit down.I did 1 big mistake here (as iam  tired due to my long journey) i sat down keeping my file on the table , the lady noticed that and even i noticed it soon so silently i took back my file and kept on my lap...

member 1 : what is u'r name?

I replied my name is anjali
M2: Do u like movies? (since i wrote about recently watched movie they asked questions about that)

i said yes sir, watching movies is one of my hobby

M3 : what is world famous film association?
 i said hollywood . (they asked where it is , i replied USA, los angeles)

M2: Do u know about oscar? in which field they give and for what reason they give?
 i replied it is an  international award, belongs to the category of films and they nominate  films from different countries and give awards to the best ones.

M2: In which place they give these awards?
I actually know it is los angeles but i got confused so i said i dont know , and he gave me an answer that it is los angeles

M3: who got oscar from india?
i told A.R Rehman for slum dog millioniare (jai ho song), rasool (couldn't recollect his full name) (i made a wild guess here)

M1: They asked me about my family background
 i replied

M3: (As i have done my diploma from bangalore i faced some questions regarding my educational background) I did my b-tech from Sir C.R Reddy college of engineering so they asked me who is C.R reddy
i  replied he is the founder of andhra university and worked as vice chancellor for more than 20years  , in remeberence of him my college was christened as C.R Reddy
Then they asked me do u have any bank branch near to u'r college
i said we have andhra bank nearby and they asked me what is the branch name , i replied

M4: why banking and why not software being a graduate?
i replied that iam not interested in software sector becoz of its inconvenient time schedule which is not that comfort for women and told that i focussed much on govt jobs

M2: what are the other exams u wrote?
 i told them  this is my first time giving attempt to ibps, i wrote ibps po and sbi po but not qualified in these two

M1: Are u giving only bank exams not any other exams?
i told i wrote ssc and qualified for tier 2 and results yet to be out.

M3: if any other job u get u leave us?
If i get a bank job then i definetely go for it , and i want to grow with bank

M1: Did u take any banking related coaching?
 i replied yes and mentioned where i took coaching

M4: They asked me what is famous about kakinada( My Home Town)

i replied in detail what my place is famous for....And in the end i mentioned that my place is famous for a traditional sweet called kakinada kaja( for this almost everyone laughed) i also explained there are 2 types of kaja's..and 1 member interrupted me like it is not called kakinada kaja there is a person behind that sweet and who is he , i replied it is kottaiah kaja for which everyone smiled again (kottaiah is a famous person who introduced this sweet to andhrites, so guys from other states if u come 2 andhra dont go without eating kaja)

lady(M1) : what are u'r hobbies ?
i told watching T.V  and reading books

M1: what programmes u watch in T.V?
i said i watch cookery shows

M1: U cook?
i said i try some recipes

M2: u know how to do kaja?
i said i never tried but i know the procedure

M3: u said u'r (E.C.E)  so do u know the types of batteries?
iam not aware of, i am trying to say something but again he asked me do u know about amarraj batteries , i said no idea sir

M4: Recently what banks have started for encouraging women?
 i said micro finance institutions, self help groups, bharatiya mahila bank

M2: who is the women cabinet minister from u'r state?
i replied smt D.purandareswari

M3: who is the cabinet minister elected from u'r hometown and what is his portfolio?
i replied pallamraju (minister for human resources)

M1: tell me about some women ministers of u'r state?
i said geetha reddy, galla arunakumari (i also told their portfolio's was confused here little bit who is for mines and who is major industries)

M1: what is the portfolio of D.K Aruna?
i said information and broadcasting

M1: who is the woman acted as our president ?
 i told smt prathibha patil

M4: Have you not qualified for ibps po?
i said no sir

M1: what is u'r score (clerk)?
i said 127

finally they told me good and thank you , u can leave...

According to my analysis, of my interview they asked me very little about banking and concentrated on general things of my profile...even though for some questions i couldnot give the exact answer i tried to answer something...My interview actually didn't happen word to word how i wrote here( i just wrote for understanding purpose) one after other they asked me questions so fast actually iam not aware how i put my gestures and all..with in 10 to 15 min it was completed

Friends i wish u all  "ALL THE BEST" ....I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences, i learnt many new things from this site

Thanks to Anjali for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Replies
    1. hey yaar i to attended for interview on 10th mee 2 performed well....y dont they askd atleast a bankawareness qstn 4 u,4 me last qstn is no frill account means wat...i had my braeth well at dat tym,,,answered z mahesh in businessman mve......

    2. Thank u , i don't know why they haven't asked me any banking related question....Wish u All The Best

  2. nice anjali u ill get job easyly i think if u get give me a big party

  3. neku pakka job vasthundi anjali fix ipo enjoy cheskooooo ne score keka asalu

  4. excellent all the best

  5. guys and girls

    kabhi kbhi mere dil m khayal aata hai

    kash ye sbi bhi ibps m hoti to aur vacancy hoti

    kash sarkari naukri pana thoda assan hota

    kash shadi ke liye larkiyan sarkari wale larkon ki demand na karti

    kash sab ke maa baap ka sapna pura ho sakta


    aur ab ye aalam hai

    naukri nahi chokri nahi maa baap dukhi jindagi jhand

    kbhi kbhi mere dil m khayal aata hai

  6. is there any problem..... if we keep the file on the table..... without their permission...........

  7. Hello everyone this is anjali
    Thank u for u'r comments, i was writting a common reply here , i dont know why they haven't asked me any banking question but iam well prepared for the questions related to banking sector and also my biodata.And thanks for u'r best wishes, i wish all the best for all the candidates who participated in clerical interviews. And coming to keeping file on the table, i feel it's better to avoid, becoz interviewers do observe these things and many people suggest keeping their file on lap and sitting is the correct posture (And that depends on interviewers some notice it very particular and some may not even bother about that).....

    My sincere thanks to Gr8ambitionz admin...This site is very informative....I prepared my entire banking notes gathering information from this site....Iam thankful to the admin for providing such a wonderful opportunity of sharing interview experiences by the candidates and also want to appretiate the candidates who shared their experiences very sincerely and tried to help their fellow competitiors....I hope this spirit would be maintained by all the candidates and by all the members of this site and maintain this site clean with no offensive comments ........Have A Gud Day All

  8. Thank u everyone for u'r comments...iam writting a common reply to all, I don't know why the interviewers haven't asked me any banking related questions but i prepared well about both the banking sector and my bio-data...And coming to keeping file on the table, many people suggest that keeping file on the lap and sitting erect is the right posture while attending interview ( But that depends on interviewers some people may notice it very particular and some may not even bother about it)...

    My sincere thanks to the Gr8ambitionz admin...This site is very informative, i prepared my banking related notes gathering information from this site..Iam thankful to the admin for providing such a wonderful platform to the candidates to share their interview experiences...I want to appreciate all the selected candidates who shared their interview experiences very sincerely with their fellow competitors and i also wish all the candidates successful future a head...I hope all the candidates and members of this site would support and co-operate to the admin to maintain this site clean with no offensive comments...Have a Gud day ALL


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