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February 19, 2014

South Indian Bank Interview Experience - Nabita Pal


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Hi every one. Today, I appeared for the post of Probationary Clerk of South Indian Bank at park street, Kolkata.

There were 3men. All south Indians.

I entered n wished them.

M1- introduce urself.
-wat does ur father do

M2- graduated in 2012 wat wre u doin these 2yrs.
- u r a b.pharm, so y did u choose bank?
Me- respected n dignified job.
Aftr bpharm all i got was a m.r. job. Wich did not give me the satisfaction.

M2- u cud have got for higher studies.
Me- i got selected in BIT MESRA, but cudnt afford the fees. So dcided to opt for bank jobs.

M1- did u give ne other exams?
Me- thinking.. ( am i crazy enough to say p.o. n clrk... NO..) So jus said yes. Cgl 2013 n fci 2012 ( both have been mummified )

M2- do u know wat is npa?
i said yes.

M2- good. U r a pharma student.. u know this.. its really good. Wat is it?
Me- non performing asset.

M3- explain. I did. He was satisfied.

M1- explain wat is bank in ur own words.
I did.
- who is the 1st female judge of supreme court? Ur a female, thats y m asking.
Me- aftr a pause..sorry.. i dont know sir.

M2- 1st woman ips?
Me- kiran bedi.
They said ok. U can go.

The interview lasted for 6-7mins where as others were tortured for at least 15min each.

So i concluded.. either i am definitely in. Or definitely out. There is no if, or, but... :-(

I hope it will b useful for u ppl. Thank you.

Thanks to Nabita for the update :)
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  1. Did You Try Listening At The Door?? It Would Have Been Useful Like Before :D :P ;)

  2. It was a transparent glass door dear. :'(

  3. can u share ur written test experience? ur online test score please?

  4. The scores were not disclosed dear. Exam was of 100marks n no negative marking. I did 94. 90were was an off line exam.

  5. my interview timing was--17 mins. it is a great experience

  6. interview held in enlish or hindi?

  7. Hi,
    Do anyone know how far they check our english fluency ??


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