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February 21, 2014

Interview experience by Karuna from Chennai, Tamilnadu


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Hi friends am Karuna R from Tamilnadu. My interview was held at Chennai IOB Head Office on 15/02/2014. I would like to share my interview experience with you all.

For me its panel 4. (3m & 1F)

While entering I wished them good evening and askd me to take the seat. I thanked them and took my seat.

M2 : Do u knw to read and write Tamil (regional language) ?
ME : yes sir I know.

M2 :Ya while seeing ur 10th mark sheet u got good marks in Tamil.. So KARUNA whats your clerical mark?
ME : 111 sir..

M2 : Ohh it ur 1st attempt?
ME: No sir, I have attempted PO but couldn't clear..its my 2nd attempt.

M2: its k fine.. hw u prepared for d xam.?
ME: By own sir.( actually I went for coaching)

M2: own? How?
ME: sir for quants and reasoning I followed books and for all others I followed internet sir.

M2: which book u followed?
Me: I fumbled for a while..coz I hav studied from d book which was given by coaching doesn’t have any author name.. I said nw I cant remember sir..arlast I told he is an north Indian author sir.

M3: is it Agarwal?
Me: s sir R.S Agarwal

M3:can u understand from dat book?
Me: s sir ..coz in my college dey taught it sir

M2 along with all others : we are conducting interview for d past one week we are getting can u speak about the topic which we don’t know?
Me: sir hw come I know sir dat u don’t know d particular thing..

M2: we r not genius…we also don’t know something..u talk abt something not related to banking..
Me: sorry sir I now cant able to recollect anything.

M2: k fine..u came here for interview..wat r all d things u have prepared?
Me: basic banking terms sir

M2: y all r saying basic banking terms..yhen wen u all people study whole thing..ok wat r all d things u prepared?
Me: bank rates, functions,atm,cbs and more sir.

M3: wat s financial inclusion ?
Me: explained

M3 : asked about my family.
Me: told about my family.

M3: k u can leave…
Me: thank u sir :)  and I left..

My interview lasts for 6 to 7 minutes.. guys I need ur suggestions on how I did my interview..

Thanks to Karuna for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. karuna better u could hve said tat u went for coaching class..there is nothing wrong in it i feel.....

    1. at tat time i dono wat to say..i think finally dey convinced on my answer... i got 111 marks in writtrn..cut off is 80..

  2. During my interview there was only 2 persons (out of 4) of interview panel..when my interview was going on remaining 2 member came, i was busy in answering at that time so i forgot wish them....after some time one of them again left the interview room
    So friends what should we have to do in such situation???
    Plz reply...

    1. Dear dnt take tention. Its a part of ur interview. I thnk dey were distracting u to check ur concentration and confidence. In dat situation juz concentrate on interview.

    2. Dear dnt take tention. It's a part of ur interview. I think dey were distracting to check ur concentration and confidence. In dat situation be calm and confident and concentrate on interview. Best of luck for ur future.

  3. when will be the ibps clerk3 interview results??

  4. my intervw is on 20th feb. my score - 79, cat - gen, they ask me about myself only in kannada languge only. then they ask my score and told this is very low score. is any chance i got clerk job....... pls tell me....any one....i got job or not...

  5. congrats all the best...

  6. when wil the clerk interviews get over?

  7. wish u all the best

  8. Hi frnds...My ibps score is 97 obc category in tamilnadu....If any chance to get job........

    1. kanimoli sure you will get a job

  9. my interview was average only ...i got 111 marks cut off is 80.. wii i get average marks in interview?

    1. karuna..............r u from obc ?? or general...........?
      i ask this becoz had interview on 18th feb,at iob ,chennai.
      general cat

    2. i got same score............but general cat.thats y asked

  10. Don worry karuna hope for the best..U did well.Better don feel nervous in interview.Good luck buddy..

  11. m sorry i forgot. what is the email id to send interview experiences to?

  12. hi frnds. my mark is 88 obc category from tamilnadu. is there any chance to get job...

  13. hi mark is 97 from OBC TN..did my intrvw at avge level..s der any chance of getng in 1st allotmnt..??

  14. hi karuna....first of all i would like to convey my congratulations for your good score..and i hope you will clear your interview process also.. and i need the name of the coaching center in which you have studied.pls pls tell me..And all the best for all your success.


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