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February 09, 2014

IBPS IT Officers (Scale 2) Exam Review - Anusha R. Mediboyana


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Hi Friends. I am Anusha. I gave my IBPS IT Officers Scale 2 Exam Yesterday (8th February 2014) Afternoon Session. Here is my review.

All the 4 sections had 50 questions each .

Reasoning was the easiest of all the sections
In Aptitude Section the Data Interpretation part was too prominent
2 Tabular Columns, One Pie chart and one Bar Graphs were given
all the usual Quant topics are covered .
Both Reasoning and Quant difficulty level is easier than this year's IBPS PO Exam.

In English there are 50 questions for 25 marks. I did not attempt the paragraph as I felt it was not worth 10 mins of time.. It was lengthy. Apart from parajumbles they gave 5 stmnts (conveys one particular topic) per question and asked to identify which of the given stmnts conveys the central theme of the whole passage. I dont remember attempting this type of question in earlier exams. correction of sentences and other usual English questions were easy . 4 questions were given in that new model

I felt professional knowledge was difficult. Max number of questions were concentrated on software development and very little on hardware related ones.
few questions that i can recollect from the Professional Knowledge section are,
  1. Question on semantic web technologies
  2. Software development models
  3. What issues to be dealt during maintainance
  4. Rdf , xml, html topics questions
  5. Question on open source software
  6. What factors should we consider while developing a code
  7. Data transmission
  8. Cloud computing
  9. Rdbms : 3 questions
All the Best to all :)

Thanks to Anusha for such a detailed review. We thank her on behalf of our readers, team members and wish her great success in her exam.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. I think quant & eng secn was the tuffest part of xamz....I stuck in DI..quant que was nt asking formula based....there were nested calculation....profetional part was easiest one. My attempt was...Quant...25..Reasn....28..Eng....21...PK....45.....I dnt knw wt wd be cutoff.....Brijesh

    1. i agree with u. Quants was time consuming..

    2. I also agree with you. I attended the exam in Chennai. I felt the most difficult part was Quants. There was hardly any question that could be answered with direct substitution. All the answers involved fractional numbers and all the choices given were on approximation.

      Apart from that, reasoning was also a bit time consuming, 2 seating arrangements(medium), 1 seq. output (easy), 5 syllogisms (easy), 5 reason, inference based questions, comparison of factorized numbers (medium coz fractional numbers were involved).

      English was ok, as said by Anusha, rc was time consuming. I felt the easiest section among all of them is PK. All of them were ques from expected topics.

      Over it was ok, I attempted 140 questions with 90% accuracy. But overall, the difficulty level was high compared to last year's SO.

  2. Hi Everyone, Manjunath here. Attended the IT-Officer 2 exam from Bangalore. Totally agree with Anusha on the exam review. I attended 116 questions overall. All questions from Quants could have been attempted, except for the DI questions, which were lengthy. The seating arrangement question in reasoning was really tough and confusing, but the rest of the questions were very easy.

    English was the easiest of them all. I'm a bit cicumspect about PK, as I ran from pillar to post to prepare for it and finally ended up seeing questions that I had little idea about. But I have attempted some 20-22 questions which I was pretty sure about.

    I think I have 100% accuracy in Quants and Reasoning and 90% accuracy in english. The trick this time was to skip the time consuming questions as the rest were very easy. Really want to get through this time, as missed the cut-off in IBPS PO by 3 marks. All the best and cheers to everyone!!

  3. is there any need in work experience for ibps it officer?

  4. is there any need in work experience for ibps it officer?

  5. For IT officer scale-2 exam how much experience is required and in which field?


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