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February 03, 2014

IBPS IT Officers Online Model Tests - Compilers


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Friends, here is model practice test  on Compilers for upcoming IBPS IT Officers Exam. You can read complete study material and more multiple choice questions for practice from here. Happy Reading :)

The compilation can be done in two parts. Those are ____________ and _______________

The lexical analyzer reads the input source program in which order ?

The LEX program consists of three parts. Those are,  1.Declaration Section, 2.Rule Section and 3. ______________________

One complete scane of the source language which includes reading an input file and writing to an output file is called ______________

What are the sequence of characters in the source program that are matched with the pattern of the token.

Identifier is a collection of alphanumeric characters and the begining character of identifier should be necessarily a __________

____________ are special string or characters that are used to indicate an end of buffer

______________ are the programs which take the input source program and produce the output which becomes input to compilers.

The __________ is a kind of translator which produces the result direct directly when the source language and data is given to it as input.

Scanner generator, parser generator like LEX and YACC, syntax direct translation engine, automatic code generator, data flow engines are the examples of ____________

In which phase of the compiler, the input is scanned completely in order to identify the tokens?

Set of rules that describe the token is calle d____________

When lexer matches teh token from input token then the lexeme is stored in a null terminated string called ________________

The syntax analyzer takes the tokens as input, and generates a tree like structure. This structure is called as a ____________________

If a grammar G generates mrore than one parse trees for sentence of language L(G), then we call it as __________________

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