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February 12, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experience 2014 shared by Rakesh


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Dear Friends, I would like to share my interview experience of IBPS Clerks and make a small contribution. I want to make this reach to the most desperate aspirants. Especially ones from Karnataka, just because I hardly noticed any updates of candidates from our state while i badly needed one. I'd be pleased to help with the doubts regarding the documents.
Name       -    Rakesh

Place        -    Bengaluru
Degree     -    B.E

Score       -     86

Category  -    SC

Venue       -     Vijaya Bank, M.G.Road, Bengaluru 

Reporting  -      8.30 AM on 10th Feb 2014

1) Document verification :
  • Started by 9.
  • I was the 9th candidate, so it's verified around 10:20 a.m
  • was called in for interview at 11:10am
  • Enjoyed the interview for a span of 17 min approx

2) Interview :
There were four members in the panel out of which one was a female officer. so M1, M2, M3, F1..
Was very much nervous before entering the panel which vanished a little, once i was asked to sit, and completely, when the first person started interacting in my mother tongue - Kannada:)

M1- Where are u from ?
me - Bangalore sir..

(M1 Started speaking in kannada)
M1- Do u know to read kannada (in local language)/ Can u write two sentences
me - Of course yes sir, it's my mother tongue/ again Ofcourse yes sir
(In front of me was placed a kannada daily, of which i read headlines and wrote two sentences from the same) ( Here plz ensure that u respond them in ur respective regional language in which they interact with)

M2 - Being from BE background why don't you get into IT and remain well settled instead of coming to the clerk job. Hope u know what sort of work you would be into...
me - First thing why i am here is, Job Security. Yes sir, i am aware of the profile and i did work with an MNC and just because i worked as a contractor, i dint get much recognition and so what if a clerk or a PO, once i start working i would get skilled and later i''m sure I'd be recognized, would have job satisfaction and remain in the secured job.
M2- Imagine, it happens one day that, you have Rs. 2 lakh amount shortage. how would you handle.
me - Firstly I'd ensure that this'd never happen.
M2- No it has happened . what will u do?
me - Sir, At the first place, i would not allow it to happen but if at all if so happens, I would talk to my senior officers and check what the next step would be.(The panel seemed they were not convinced. so i continued)  Sir i shall cross check that particular day's transaction thoroughly and see where exactly i went wrong.

F1 - You said you worked earlier. Can u explain if u faced any challenge ?
me - Yes ma'm sure. As i worked with the support team, i used to interact with all sorts of employees. Most of them would be professional and friendly but there were few who would be rude. I have got couple of appreciation mails which meant me a lot. In contrast, I do remember one such call where an employee of the managerial position started yelling at me and asked to transfer the call to supervisor but i spoke to my supervisor, took some inputs and later resolved the issue on my own.

M3 - (This male officer, who was sitting silently for 15 minutes, started with some question all of a sudden. check out here. i wonder in what way i would be judged thru this question)
Do u know Trignometry ? Any formula or something relevant to that !
me - ( Surprised and happy, because i was expecting some banking questions but the topic was different here which i am passionate about)
Sir, of course i know. I started studying the subject from 1st PU.
Dealing with Sin, cos, tan was easy but when it came to cosec, sec and cot, it was challenging but few days later  once i realized that the three are reciprocals of the other three, i got used to it and started enjoying the subject. sin0=0, sin90=1 etc gave some examples. ( The entire panel was happy. the ambience was very encouraging, friendly and motivating inside the room.)
M3- I will give u 15 notes of fifty rupees. how much is it.
me - Rs.750 sir. ( the whole panel looked puzzled and blank )
M3- (Repeated the question)
me - (very quickly i took a step and probed)
        Sir, Is it fifteen of Fifty i.e, Is it one five or five zero.
M3- It is 50 notes of fifty rupees.
me- then it is Rs. 2500 sir.
M3 - Good.
         ( This moment was the most impressive moment i believe. Whole panel felt relieved and The female officer expressed,)
F1- That's what i was wondering how could it be 750.
me- Sorry ma'm i heard it as fifteen hence i said so.
Panel - You can leave.

(I could see smile on all the 4 members. so felt very much comfortable and thanked each one personally. Politely, i got up from the seat and while i was closing the door gently, I heard some positive talks about me. I was happy with my interview though could have made it better. At the end of the day, I am happy:))

Thanks to Rakesh for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
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  1. Thaxs rakesh .....gud luck

  2. thanks rakesh. finally updates from bangalore centre

    1. My pleasure. Hoping to see more updates from all the gr8 followers. That 'd be very encouraging for future interviews.

    2. thank u so much for ur useful tips.....hope for ur final selection.......

  3. thanks a lot Rakesh...i have my interview on 20th...canara bank...

    1. My pleasure. One of my frenz having it on 19th at canara. Shall try to gather info and update. All the best..

  4. could u plz tell whether experience letter is essential???i am presently working in a PSB .i have NOC.....IS it enough or i should have exp letter intervew is on 17th.....

    1. Shall check out and let u know regarding this.

  5. wish u all the best

  6. anyone attended interview in canara bank ?
    im having interview tomo ie 13th in Canara bank.....pls post interview experience here....

    1. can any1 who completed interview at canara bank,bglore post ur early as possible........plzzzz

  7. Please help : I have original OBC certificate but I don't have the exact format of IBPS, will they allow me for interview?

  8. i have contract based job in govt first grade college. is it necessary to produce no objection certificate during interview

  9. Priya no need of noc. If u have doubt u can call me on my no


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