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February 12, 2014

IBPS clerk iii Interview Experience from Patna


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Name - Pramod Kumar

Category  - SC

Qualification - Gradution (Accounts)
City - Ara (Bhojpur)

              101-A AKSHAYA TOWER
               BUDDH MARG PATNA

Date of Interview -11th feb 2014 (Evening)

Panel - VI

When i inter the room then 3 male and 1 female member

Questions asked in my IBPS Clerks Interview are the following :

  1. 1st member- What is your name?
  2. 2nd member- Introduce yourself?
  3. 1st member- What is balance sheet?
  4. again 1st member -Which types of balance sheet components?
  5. again 1st member-What is Current assets and current liabilities?
  6. 2nd member-what is fixed assets and fixed liabilities?
  7. 1st member-What is Depreciation?
  8. 3rd member-Which method in use depreciation charged?
  9. 1st ,member-what is working capital?
  10. 3rd member-who is the chairman and vice chairman plannig commission?
  11. 2nd member-who is the commerce ministry?
  12. 3rd member-which river in india patna situated and origin?
  13. 3rd member-tell me 5 river in india and its origin which state its crossed in india?
  14. female member- tell me full form of GDP and what is GDP?
  15. female member- what is your hobbies?
  16. 2nd member- tell me about your village economical condition?
  17. 2nd member-tell me about your home town(ARA)and its economical condition?
  18. after that some question about banking
  19. 1st member-tell me about RBI and its function?
  20. 1st member-who is the governor of RBI?
  21. 1st member what is financial inclusion?
All interview member who are there in the panel are very friendly and helpful...

My interview went just 10-12 minutes.

My Suggestions : Be cool and confident if you don't know any answer don't be nervous. Don't use negative words during the interview.

Thanks to Pramod Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. wat is balance sheet and its components??? Pls answer

  2. Hi Friends..
    Good Day…! pls clarify me }
    in my SSLC & PUC mark sheet my father name is mentioned as SHIVASHANKAR T S, but I have mentioned in IBPS Application form as SHIVASHANKAR BHATT T S (In middle sur name added) because in all my govt reg ID like in my ID Proof ,Bank passbook , ADHAR, PAN, VOter ID is as SHIVASHANKAR BHATT T S only. is it ok to show them as my ID Prroof as like same name appeared in Appli form OR it will create any problem while Document checking..kindly advice, THANKS in advance…

  3. A balance sheet, also known as a "statement of financial position", reveals a company's assets, liabilities and owners' equity (net worth)

  4. which bank organised interv in akshay tower

  5. your interview is in hindi or english

  6. interview is in hindi or english ,,reply man


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