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February 11, 2014

IBPS Clerks 3 Interview Experience - Vijayawada


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Name : Rotte Gopichand

Qualification : B.Tech

Interview Venue : Andra Bank Zonal Office, Vijayawada

Time : Morning 8.30am

Before certificate verification they gave us a white paper and asked us to write a general essay in local language (any topic, to prove that read and write in local language).

My Interview was held in Local Language (Telugu)

3 men and 1 woman in panel 3

I wished good morning madam, good morning sirs. They said very good morning and take your seat.

M1 : What is your family background?
Me : My parents are govt employees sir

m1 : what is your qualification?
Me :  B.Tech in GIET Rajahmundry sir
m1 : what is your persentsge?
Me : 67.5 sir
m1 :  in giet college campus recriutment is there.Have you participatd ?
Me : i did not clear written exam in campus recriutment drive
m1 :  is there any backlogs in your b tech?
Me : no sir i competed in regular in 4 years.
M1 : what are you doing after your graduation?
Me : with my father advice i prepare for bank exams sir
m1 : what do you know about banking system?
Me : bankig system needed to expand in rural areas because aadhar linkage with bank account is needed in govt plans.

M1 : what are different kinds of banks in India?
Me : public, private, foreign, rural, co operative sir
m1 : how many public sector banks are there?
Me : 27(i am not sure)

m1 : what is difference between public sector and private sector banks?
Me : share capital in public sector banks 51% and private sector banks managed by private people.

M1 : what is recent news on rbi?
Me : i told wrong  rates are increased by 25%. And clr slr no change.
M1 : not 25%,o.25%.
M1 : given chance to other interviewers.

M2 : Who is RBI Governor?
Me :  Mr Raghuram Govind Rajan sir

M2 : What is CRR? SLR?
Me :  CRR means minimum amount of banks kept with rbi slr mens  to satisfy demand deposits 23% of total deposits is kept under reserve sir

m2 : what are demand deposits?
Me : i did not recollect at that time. They asked me to try to give some nearest answer...
Me : savings accounts and current accounts sir

w : why only aadhar link to bank account other than voter pan card ?
Me : it is unique and ads security features because is technology based biometric system(she asked for me on gas cylinder issue but i did not catch it)
w : again why only aadhar?
Me : sorry madam

m2 : how much  is a gas cylinder?
Me : 1350 and govt gives money to directly to bank accounts sir.

M3 : what govt giving  to people on gas cylinder to AADHAR linked accounts?
Me : subsidy sir
m2 : good,that is madam asking about aadhar and gas cylinder matter.

M1 :  ok you can leave now.

Me thank you madam ,thank you sirs

I was poor in English. I want to thank Jesus, he creates miracle in my life and helped me to qualify IBPS Clerks III.  Wish you all the best friends.

Thanks to Gopichand for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his Interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. I am in panel 1 ...same venue same date..........

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. any quetions regarding essay?

    1. you can write any is just for you can read and write in telugu(this is must for clerk said by officer at certificate verfication told.

  4. I m also from Vijayawada only... What is happening with subsidy and gas cylinders? do you know the reason behind connecting gas cylinders and banks with Aadhar card?

    1. under direct benfit transfer(this helps to avoid fruds done at differnt levels of govt)
      provide subsidy to common man,by wich direct subsidy amount is transfered to respective person bank account...
      gas cylinder 1350
      govt gives subsidy around 400....

  5. well done gopichand...i wish u all the best..thanq for all the valuable info u provided for us...

  6. Name: R.Monalisa
    Qualification: BE (EEE)
    Interview venue: IOB Regional Office, Trichy.
    Score: 92
    Category: SC
    Time: 8.30 AM
    Certificate verification started at 10.30, then by 11.40 my interview started 20 minutes interview. Asusual 3 males and 1 female.
    M1: Welcome what is your name
    Me:Answered (Everyone shocked after hearing my name and asked meaning and history about that painting)
    M1:What is your college name which branch u belongs to
    Me: answered
    M1: Tel me some electronics subjects u hav studied
    Me:answered (For all engineering graduates thy have asked 7 to 8 engineering questions)
    M1: (many questions from my subject)
    M2:what are banking softwares
    Me: Finacle, BANACS,Flexcube
    M1:who manufactured those
    Me:infosys,TCS,last one dontknw
    M3:What is ur written score
    F: why do u want to join in bank
    Me: answered
    M1:can u read this news papaer
    gave one tamil news paper and i also read
    M3: what do u see in ATM card
    Me: answered general thing like bank name symbol name validity period cvv number and toll free num address
    M3:if u lost ur atm card what u wil do
    Me:Will cal bank and lock my card.
    k u may leave now.
    My suggestion is be prepared in ur stream also. They all were friendly no need to get tensed. All the best friends.

    1. thanks for sharing,wish u all the best

  7. My Interview experience of IBPS Clerk III
    State applied - Delhi
    Interview venue- Bank of India (Noida)
    Date- 10/2/2014
    Panel - III
    Reporting Time - 1:00 pm
    Mark - 93 (SC)
    Qualification - B.Com (Hon)

    I reached at venue on around 12:.30. Then i saw that peoples were already get registered themselves at the entrance gate and gone to lecture room 2.
    After registered my self i entered into to room.
    after waiting for 2 hour around 2:30 pm, the verification process started and my turn around 3:00 pm and my verification of document completed around 3:30 pm.
    Please not that they were very strict to kaste certificate, it should be in IBPS Prescribed performa.
    My kaste certificate is not in prescribe so they told me to give undertaking for this.
    Almost 75% people have old format kaste certificates. so don't be panic for that.
    After varification they told us to wait in the waiting rooms for interviews. After waiting for long time my turn came around 5:00.
    I knock the door and asked to came inside, they told me to come in.
    There were four members three men and one female (M1, M2, M3 and F1)
    I greeted all
    M1- told me to take your seat
    Me - take my seat and thanks them
    M1- about your family background
    Me - replied
    M2- about your qualification
    me - replied
    M3- about my work experiences.
    me - this question is asked because a told them that i am working as a accountant in a private company.
    M3- what is the latest version of tally software.
    Me -answered that latest software is Tally ERP 9
    M2- What are the features of tally erp 9 and how to entered receipt entry in tally
    Me - answered
    F1 - What are your hobbies and what are your favorite subjects.
    Me - answered
    F1 - have you attained PO
    ME - i told them that i attained but didn't qualified by only 1 marks
    F1 - have you attained last clerk
    Me - i said that yes i qualified in writted + interview but did not get final allotment by 0.2 marks
    M1 - What is your score
    ME - i said that i got 93 marks
    M1- told that we had done your interview
    me - thanks them i went out of the room.

    Sugestion : don't be nervous, they all are above 50 age and they were friendly.
    they didn't asked me any single question on banking sector.

  8. in what topic u wrote the essay?

  9. if they ask a noc or releving order for private employees

  10. thanks buddy.. very helpful :)

  11. father name is challa chandrasekhar bt in application it printed like CHALL chandrasekhar...wt to do...pls pls help me....

  12. In the application form I have entered the year of passing as 2013 instead of 2012. Will it create a problem ????????

  13. agra university ne degree main puja sharma ki jagah puja shErma likh diya hai kya main interview de sakti hoon.general marks 115 17 feb. rrb ke interview mai to kuch nahi kha tha

    1. Yes aap bilkul interview de sakti hain
      10th k mark sheet mein sab kuch sahi hona chahiye

  14. what may be the minimum cut off mark for professional knowledge in IT officer scale 1 for sc category??any guess??????

  15. Is it compulsory to write Essay? what if anyone could not able to write in local language? does it lead to rejection?????? pls let me know..

  16. Breaking all My Tense and Nervous my IBPS Interview was completed succesfully.
    here by sharing my Interview Experience:

    I reached the venue at 7:00am
    Venue:Andhra Bank Zonal Office,Vijayawada

    Document Verification started at sharp 8:30 and surprisingly they gave a white paper and asked to write down something in telugu to check our proficiency in Telugu.The Interview questions were based on what we wrote here.
    I wrote about myself.

    At last My turn Came....
    I asked the permission to get in and enterd the room.
    There were 3 males and 1 female in the interview board.

    Q1 : tell me about urself ?
    I said : I m suresh kumar from nathavaram ,visakhpatnam dt.I have completed my in Information Technology in 2012.My father is a farmer and mother is a home maker.I have an elder sister.Singing songs,browsing internet are my hobbies.Hard work,self descipline,gud communication skills are my strengths.

    Q2 : U completed ur B.Tech in 2012.Den wt have u been doing til now ?
    I said : I hav been in preparation sir..In my first attempt,i didnot clear written exam and in my second attempt i missed in 2 soon after results i analysed systematically to know where i went wrong.I learnt some techniqs to overcome those mistakes and this has given me a gud result as i m before u just bcz of correcting my mistakes dat i had committed prevoiusly..this has taught me failures come succes follows it by overcoming those problems...
    (They luked impressd for this ans )

    Q3 : Why Bank Job After Information technology ? Why not S/w Companies?
    I Said : It is bcz of Uncertainity of future and growth in IT Companies.
    I See banking is the Secured and one of the fatest growing sectors..
    As far as my edcation is concerned,Information Technology is a branch which is applied anywhre throughout the globe.and in my banking sector is Technology driven...most of the banking transactions today are based on Information technology..So my Professional Qulaification will help me to add some extra benifits to my jo.and i can serve my customers efficiently..Moreover Bank job is not something dpositing and granting loans..its a kind of socila provides a way and satisafaction to serve society...

    Q4: What do Know abt NEFT,RTGS,Internt banking ?
    I Answered.

    Q5:Do You have account ?
    Q6: In which Bank ?
    Q7:what kind of services u enjoy through ur acnt
    I said :check book,netbakning ,mobile banking,Atm Card
    Q8:How bank is useful for a common man in society/
    I said it develops saving habbit among provides loans who are in need and for farmers it provides agriculral loans.student loans for educational aassitance..and recently it introced locker facilty for protection of documents and valuable goods,..
    (they luked impressive)
    Q8:they asked abt shipyard and beach in vizag ?
    I didnot answer them properly..
    Q9:Why ur interview in vajzwada? u have pannel in vizag...den why here???

    I said : I did my graduation i m familier to places here...i have an idea abt colleges ,banks and major institutes in vzwada more than for my comforbility i choose vzwada..

    Q9:who is baba ramdev ?
    I Answered.

    Q10:what is Information technology?Define
    I said :Information is the knowledge dervied from the study,experience or instructio...and Technology is the use of this Knowledge for practical purpose such aas engineering ,inventing etc.

    Q11:later 3 questions on my Sub C#,Asp.Net,OOP principles,domain server.


    Overall performance was satisafactory...

    Suggestion : As many said...dont be tensed...believe in ursef...answer confidently..
    Wish u all the best for the aspirants....!!!


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