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February 07, 2014

DBMS Practice Tests for IBPS IT Officers Exam - Set 2


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DDL stands for ____________

DML stands for ___________________

X -> Y means ?

The primary goal of a DBMS is to provide an efficient and convenient way to __________ data base information.

Which property enables us to recover any instance of the decomposed relation from corresponding instances of the smaller relations

In file system, the same information may be duplicated in several places. It is known as_________

If X->Y and Y->Z, then X->Z __________

Data redundancy leads to higher storage and access cost. In addition it may lead to___________.

Database systems have several schemas. It can have _________ physical schema and ________ sub schemas.

Which level of abstraction describes how the data are actually stored?

In file system, developers enforce constraints through appropriate code in application Programs. When new constraints are added, it is difficult to change the programs to enforce them. This disadvantage is known as _________.

Application programs need not be rewritten if the physical schema changes. This property is known as ________.

A relation consists of replacing the relation schema by two or more relation schemas is called ?

_________ is a property of the meaning or semantics of the attributes in a relation 

What does physical level describe?

If X->Y then XZ->YZ for any Z is called __________

What does logical level describe?

Which level of abstraction describes what data are stored in the data base and what relationships exist among those data?

Which level describes part of the entire database?

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