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February 07, 2014

IBPS IT Officers Professional Knowledge Section Practice Tests - DBMS


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Friends, here is another set of model practice test for upcoming IBPS IT Officers Exam. This test consists of questions from the Data Base Management Systems (DBMS). We are working on more sets, you will get them soon. Happy Reading :)

Keeping organizational information in a file-processing system has a number of major disadvantages. Which one of the following is a major disadvantage?
  1. Data consistency
  2. Efficient data access
  3. Data isolation
  4. Concurrent access

In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called _________________

In a FD the right side contains only attributes that also appear on the left side is Called ________

It may not be possible to store certain information unless some other, unrelated information is stored as well is called ______________

It may not be possible to delete certain information without losing some other, unrelated information as well is called _________________

A top - do - bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a ____________________

Schema definition is a function of _____________________

Which of the following one is example of a integrity constraints
  1. Multilevel dependency
  2. Insertion dependency
  3. Multivalued dependency
  4. Deletion dependency

A record management system always uses a _______ as it's model

________ is more than one place within a database can occur

A relation with redundancy can be refined by ----------- using with smaller relations that contain the same information but without redundancy.

The collection of data-containing information relevant to an enterprise is referred as ______________.

If one copy of such repeated data is updates, an inconsistency is created unless all copies are similarly updated is called

The complex low-level data structures description is provided at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ level

Some information is stored repeatedly is called

In a large DBMS, each user can ___________ a small part of the entire data base.

File system suffers with integrity problems. Integrity problems are due to

Since data are scattered in various files, writing a new application programs to retrieve the appropriate data is difficult. It is known as problems of ________.

Data abstraction can be provided using _________________

In file processing system, only one mechanism can be implemented for security, That is _______________.

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  3. please people share your experience of today's ITofficer IT section, which chapter covered the maximum question


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