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January 21, 2014

South Indian Bank Interview Experience


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Name : Dipen B Popat

Education Qualification : B.E. (Computer Engineering-2012)

Name of the Post : Probationary Clerk

Interview Batch : 11.30 am

Interview Venue : South Indian Bank, Regional Office, Ahmedabad

I reached at interview venue at 11:00am there were three persons who were verifying documentation parallel so it took 5 min and then they told me to wait for your interview call.

At 11:50am i was sitting near to interview room and then staff member advised me to be calm and cool and answer with confidence. I said thank you sir.
At 11:55am I was called, I entered the room and there were three people sitting M1,m2,m3.

M1 : did you have your breakfast?(asked in Hindi)
Me: yes sir.

M1:so before you get hungry we will finished with your interview
Me: thank you sir.

M2:have you visited our branch in Rajkot(as I was belong to this city)
Me: I said no sir. I gave address and I told them passed through 3-4 times.

M2 was feeling sad.
M2:so have you visited our website?
Me: yes sir.

M2: what you have found in it?
Me: I said a few things about the South Indian Bank and they were satisfied.

M2: what is your lens power ? (unexpected question)
Me: 2.5

M2: you use it for reading or watching far distance?
Me: far distance and he was satisfied.

M1:you have worked in it company right? Then why did you resign from there?(expected question)
Me: I am workaholic person and there was not enough work in which I can learn new thing

M1: but you should continue work there? Why did you want to change your field?
Me: same answer

M1: how much they pay you?
Me: replied

All three were shocked as salary was quite low

M1: did you resign from job? (again he want to check)
Me: yes sir.

M1: than after you not any it company why?
Me: I was preparing for various competitive exams.

M1:which one?
Me: I replied with various names

M1:then what was your result?
Me: fail…after I joined coaching and I cleared ibps rrb and ibps clerk

M1: in Gujarat, many people prefer to work in the public sector bank,if you selected there and also here than will you left this job?
Me: if I am selected here, than I will continue to work here because I will be comfortable with your work culture and also our family financial condition to pay your bond amount.
M1 is satisfied

M3:  we recently launched an it product do you know this?
Me: yes sir, m-passbook

M3: how to operate it?
Me: I replied and explained it.

M3: who is new governor of rbi?
Me: ( :D )Dr raghuram rajan. And I give his history from iit to current post.
M3: satisfied.

Then they didn’t ask any more questions, just asked me to leave.

I thanked everyone and I left with smile. It took 8-10 min. It was totally in English.

Thanks to Dipen for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. You should never say you are workaholic

    1. Could you please explain what is the issue with workaholic ?

    2. workaholic means who love to work,love his/her job....

  2. Interview was good buddy..All the Best

  3. Well Done Brother..

    Thank you for sharing your interview experience.

  4. well done Mr. Dipen...
    Rock it man...

  5. will u pls tell me the south indian bank clerk pattern fr exam??

  6. how was ur exam ??
    is it same as ibps clerk??

  7. Mr .Dipen
    can you tell us the pattern for write exam for south indian bank so that it will be useful for us plz

  8. iam from chennai,i have exam on next month, sir please say what was the pattern in written test

  9. pls upload previous year question paper for clrk post in south indian bank..........

  10. plese tell the syllabus for southindian bank clerk 2014......

  11. are u selected and hw many questions u attended in exam pls reply asap sir

  12. hi dipen , i cleared pro.clerk (tamil nadu region) in SIB. can i have which are the documents we need to carry for interview. pls tell me. And also i have did a mistake in my application as i mistakenly entered SSLC and +2 school name (exchanged ). is there any issue for this. pls tell me

  13. what are documents need to carry to attend pr.clerk interview in South Indian Bank

    1. am also frm tamilnadu cleared SIB... and plz chk ur interview call letter .. in tht thy mentioned abt documents u shd carry...all d best..

    2. pls tell me interview will be in english or tamil?

  14. i cleared pro.clerk in SIB. But, i have done my both UG and PG in correspondence mode. Will that be a Problem in Interview?

  15. i cleared pro.clerk in SIB. But, i had done my both UG and PG degrees in Distance mode. Will that be a problem while attending the interview, I wish Some One would reply.. Plz help me..

  16. hey i cleared application software developer written test. Waiting for interview call. What should i prepare for interview. Any suggestion is welcomed.

  17. Hey i cleared application software developer written examination. Still waiting for interview call. I want to know, what i should prepare for interview. Any help appreciated.


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