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January 19, 2014

Interview Experience of RIS (Research and Information System for Developing Countries)

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Friends, my name is Ahmad Nadeem. Today I gave my Interview of Assistants in RIS (the Research and Information System for Developing Countries) a New Delhi based autonomous organization under the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India which specializes in policy research on international economic issues and development cooperation. Here is my Interview Experience.

My interview was scheduled in 1st shift, I reached before time. It took 2 hours for my turn to come for verification.. it was a serious verification, almost one an a half hour after my interview stated @ 12:10 PM.

I knocked the door and asked to enter the room.. there were 3 panelists(2 males & 1 female) as i entered the room.. I greeted them all, n they offered me seat. After all these formalities my interview begins. The questions asked in my interview are,  
  • What is meaning of NADEEM ?
  • Tell me the headlines of today newspaper ? 
  • You r from bihar then what you know about buddha ? 
  • King of Darbhanga ? 
  • Khobragade Case and Vienna Convention ? 
  • Views About AAP Party 
  • Some Question about Rajasthan i.e. Aravalis,Suncity 
  • First DNA Bank in Asia ? 
  • Golden Rice Vitamin ? 
  • What is Biomagnification ? 
  • President Of Japan ? (tricking becoz no in Japan only PM rule) 
  • Currently doing ? 
  • Chairman of UPSC ? 
  • Whate is gene and bonding in DNA ?

Answered All question and they are satisfied with my all answers. Let's see what happen because there only One Post is there !!!  Wish me luck and belated Happy new Year to all.

Thanks to Nadeem for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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