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January 05, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Questions - Arpit


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Name - Arpit

Qualification - B.Tech (CS)

DATE - 3/1/2014


VENUE - Bank Of India, Noida

TIME - 1:00 PM
I reached the venue at 12:30pm and then document verified at 2:30pm and interview started at 3:15pm.

I entered into the room,by asking MAY I COME IN?they said yes and then they offered me a seat,i said thankyou,there was 4 person(m1,m2,m3,m4)

These are the questions asked in my IBPS PO III Interview

m2: tumne bhi kiya hai?
m2:2012 me? to itne din tak kya kar rahe the?
m2: Who regulates the bank?
m2:All banks in india are regulated by RBI?
m2: what are the common things that all bank have to maintain?
m2: who issue government security?
m3: what is FDI?
m3: what is FDI controversy 2013?
m4: what is IT Act?
m1:what is intellactual property act?
m1:news paper padhte ho?
m1:who is the editor of Times Of India?
m1:what is the front page news of today?
m1:Name of Education minister of delhi?
m1; There is one female in AAP,whose name?
m1:what is barmuda triangle?

I think total 13 question they asked me and i answered 9 questions correctly and 4 answers i d'nt know so i say frankly "sorry sir, I am not aware of it"

don't know...what will be result? anyways hope for good. All the best to All.

Thanks to Arpit for his valuable Interview Experience. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thanks Arpit. It will be more nice if you mention your answers too. Anyways... thanks for sharing this. All the best.

  2. Thanks for sharing... all the best

  3. what is the answer of FDI controversy....2013

  4. Hi guys I have one doubt.....i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.....

    1. kuch nhi hoga ...wo itna nhi check karte hai

    2. hi guys me also same problem ... i have written by mistake diploma in computer operations but actually i have post graduate diploma in computer applications. pls guys help... !

    3. is this compulsory to submit computer certificate at the time of verification? plzzzz rply

    4. Ha yaar koi to bataoo....we r in big trouble.....pls help us......i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.....

    5. hey , there , myself chendra here
      yaar jo bhi hua , wo tho ho hi gayi
      look , dont be panic.. u can request them in a nice manner
      sir , i have entered like that by mistake, simply say like this
      and that job is not related to any of these courses ok.
      and " handle with care "
      all the best..

  5. Hi all, when i filled up the application form i mistakenly write No to my work experience,but I have 6 months work experience,do i have to tell this matter?are they going to reject me for this?if i hide this matter,what are the consequences i may face?plz plz give some suggestion to my problem.

  6. By mistake I have mentioned that i dont have any work experience,but i have 6 months work experience.if i mentioned this in the interview are they going to reject me for this?do they think i hide it purposly at the application filling up time?or they misunderstood me as a careless person?

    if i hide my experience matter to them is it lead to some problem in future?can the bank know my previous job as i have submitted my FORM -16 and professional tax from my previous employer,and in FORM 16 all the details like my pan card details,my previous employee details everything is written.
    i just want to know is it possible for them to know about my previous job?
    plz suggest me whether i show them my experience certificate or not?

  7. Hi , I had my interview yester in Chennai Indian Overseas Bank.Am a female
    Qualification: B.Tech In Computer Science & Engg
    Working in a MNC

    Questions ASked:
    Q1: Tell me abt urself
    Q2. My package
    Q3. Why banking when u are working and earning good?
    Q4.Are u ready to work if u are posted in bihar
    Q5. What is section 377
    Q6. Who is the chess championship
    Q7.About Judge Ganguly
    Q8.About Womens bank and my views on a separate bank for women
    Q9. NPA
    Q10.Diff between fiscal deficit and cad
    Q11. Diff between debit and credit card
    Q12.Then abt my strengths and weakness

    I did my interview well. Panel was cool . They were more interested in knowing why banking even after having 3 +years in IT . I convinced them with my answers. I answered all questions. It was banking as well as current affairs and our attitude determination
    I was asked what will i do if am the only girl in the bank and will i be able to command the male members .
    I answered well.

    So on the whole my interview was very good but my written score is very poor. So no hope of getting in the bank this time. But it was a very good exp. Hoping to give the next po exam very well .

    All the best to all the aspirants

    1. what is your answer for-why banking even after having 3+years in IT

  8. Thanks for sharing your Interview..Can you tell me about the differences between Fiscal deficit and CAD?

    1. Current account deficit means imports are larger than exports, or negative net exports.
      Fiscal deficit means government expenditure is larger than tax revenues

    2. The fiscal deficit is the difference between what the govt earns in revenues (from taxes etc.) versus how much they spend. So, if they earn 1 trillion in taxes but spend 1.2 trillion than the fiscal deficit is 200 billion dollars. If the economy is a 5 trillion dollar economy than 200 billion is about 4 percent of the GDP of that country so they say that the fiscal deficit is 4 percent. The current account deficit is the difference between the exports and the imports. If the country exports more than it imports it can actually have a positive current account deficit. If it imports more it can still get foreign exchange through investments coming in from abroad plus remunerations from its citizens living abroad. After receiving all of that if it still has a negative balance than that is a function of the current account deficit. So, if a country is 100 billion dollars in the negative after even receiving money from investments and other remunerations than you can say that in a 5 trillion dollar economy that's about 2 percent or the current account deficit is negative two percent of the country's GDP.

  9. mam could u plz tell me if i would b allowed for po interview or not as my last sem marksheet has 26.06.2013 date bt date on provisional marksheet is 02.072013....seeking ur advice shivani mam :)

    1. u will be surely allowed
      date on the marks sheet is important


    2. Ha yaar koi to bataoo....we r in big trouble.....pls help us......i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls...

    3. Friend frankly speaking they are only concern with whether you brought your application Printout and other Relevant Document..& not with what you have mentioned in Application form while online submission..
      hope this will help you..

    4. thanx a lot kusuma sola :)

  10. I would like to know if there will be an problem in not submitting the NOC from the present employer at the time of verification of documents?
    And also if I say that I'll submit the same at a later date, will they allow me to attend the interview???


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