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January 05, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Deepthi Jyothis (Trivandrum)


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Name : Deepthi Jyothis

Venue : Canara Bank, Trivandrum

Interview Date : 05-01-13

Time : 8.30 AM

Panel : 1

Qualification : B.Tech, ECE (2012)

I reached the venue at 8.30 am and the document verification process completed by 9.30 am.I was the 3rd person to be interviewed in my panel and they called my name at 9.45am.

Me: May I come in sir?

M1: Yes please come in

There were 3 gents and a lady in the panel.So I wished the lady 1st and then the gents.They all greeted back.

M1:Please be seated
Me: Thank you sir

M1:In which year you passed out?
Me: 2012 sir

M1: What ur fathers occupation?
Me: He is an advocate sir

M1: What is ur mother?
Me: She is working as an executive engineer in the irrigation dept of Kerala

M1: Nature of her job
Me: Design of dams and canals also site inspections.

M1: You have a very good percentage and also distinction in your subject.So why didnt u try for PG?
Me: ECE has never been my field of interest sir.I got the sub based on merit in the allotment process.Then I was not mature enough to make my own decision.Also there is a general trend in Kerala which makes students choose between either engg or medicine.I was good at maths so I chose engg sir.

M1: If u weren't interested in the sub u could have dropped out and joined another course rite?
Me: Sir that was a big step and in fact my parents wanted me to do a professional course.There wasn't any other choices other than B.Tech left in front of me.

M1: Usually when a person doesn't like his sub then he wont study anything.How did u get such good marks?
Me: Sir I felt that the sub was difficult in the beginning so I took it as a challenge and worked hard.

M1: very good

M2: What are ur strengths ?
Me: As I have said I am a hard working person sir.I am also very optimistic and always keep a smile on my face.I am friendly,outgoing and have good interpersonal skills sir.I am quite adaptable and I can easily deal with any difficult situations.

M2:You left infosys because of health probs,what happened?
Me: I caught chicken pox and I had to take leave for about 2-3 weeks.Then the HR informed me that I missed a couple of tests so I could join along with the next batch that means I have to repeat the entire training.I asked about other options and I decided to quit because I had an SBI Interview coming up then.I was already interested in banking and decided that it was the right time to take a proper decision.

M2: And what happened to that interview?
Me: I got full marks for interview sir but unfortunately got eliminated because of low marks in the marketing section.

M2: How did you know about the mark distribution?
Me: They have given detailed mark lists sir. I could show you now.

M2: no need. ok so unlike others who didn't have other options you are genuinely interested in banking field.That's good

Me: Thank you sir

M3: How important is a customer in a bank?
Me: Customer is considered as the king in banking.Customer satisfaction is the most important criteria which defines the sucess of a bank.As a PO we will be dealing with the complaints of the customers often.So it should be taken in a positive manner and always interact with the customers putting on a pleasant face.

M3: Where did you go for coaching?
Me: I havent been to any institutes sir. Prepared by myself.

M3: So have you cleared any exams other than SBI and ibps?
Me: Yes sir.SSC CGL tier 1 and ibps clerical sir.

M3: smiled and said very good

M4: what is SHG?
Me : SHG is a village based intermediary composed of women from the same family or neighborhood.The pool money and lend each other at low rates of interest.They are entitled to get loans from nabard and rrbs.

M4: u have a bank account? which bank?
Me: ICICI and SBI maam.

M4: which bank is more efficient?
Me: I no longer use icici bank acc mam as it was my salary acc in infosys.Icici is a private bank so the readiness to open an acc ,transactions are easier and faster when compared to SBI.But as the largest bank in India the trustworthiness provided by SBI cannot be compared to any other banks.

M4: ok good

M1: Miss Deepthi u may leave now. And all the best.
 And they offered chocolates. I took one and thanked all of them and left the room.

My Suggestions : Try to be calm and never use difficult terms which may get you in trouble.All they check is ur communication skills and ur way of presenting your opinion.

Thank you all and best of luck !!!

Thanks to Deepti on behalf of our readers and team members for her valuable review. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. what is you score interview is on 9th canara bank tvm..panel 1

  2. chocolates.....!! ur in deepti,,congrates

  3. well done deepthii tat was an ozum inrvww and it was ur DAY..:)
    btw, i too hav the same place Scheduled on Friday 10th.. panell IV
    Also big thnX tat u shared ur Xprncc.. with us.. ALL THE BST..

  4. anyone from lucknow wants to share his/her experience?

  5. Hai friends…..I’m Prajil..I had my interview today from canara bank Calicut..I would like to share my interview experience with you…
    Time- 1.00
    The verification started at 1.00 PM Sharp but I was the last one to be verified in my panel…First I thought they were calling based on the marks, but then I came to know that marks are not a factor for the order of verification…
    I waited for 4 hours and my interview was at 5 PM, the last candidate for today’s interview…I was tensed to death….
    I entered the room creating a fake smile in my face and wished them good evening…The panel consists of 4 members, 3 men and a woman…I wished the lady first..
    Me: Good evening ma’am..Good evening sirs..
    Panel: Good evening prajil….please take your seat
    Me: Thank you…
    Madam: Prajil…what is the meaning of your name?
    Me: Ma’am…Prajil is derived from a Sanskrit word named prajwal, which means Brightness..
    Panel laughed…
    Madam: Oh..You mean Prakash?
    Me: Yes
    Sir 1: May be your face would have been very bright when you were born?
    Me: I think so sir (with a smile)
    Madam: So u completed your btech in 2009 and what didu do after that
    Me: I answered about my work experience and the bank preparations later..
    Madam: tell me about your family?
    Me: answered
    Sir 2: Have you heard of NPA?
    Me: Yes..Nonperforming assets..I said what I know about NPAlike bad loans and all…
    He asked some more details about NPA on which I have absolutely no idea and that created some trouble…

    Sir 2: What are agricultural advances?
    Me: I said it is the loans that banks provide to the farmers for agricultural purposes…
    Sir 2: Is there any loans for irrigation?
    Me: (I was not sure) but I said there are no such special loans..But it comes under agricultural advances
    Sir 2: Are there any loans for industries?
    Me: Industrial banks provide loans to industries
    Sir 2: Do PSB’s provide loans to industries
    Me: I have no idea sir…
    Sir 3: What is Nabard?
    Me: Answered

    Sir 3: what is RBI?
    Me: Answered
    Sir 1: Who signs on 1 rupee note
    Me: I answered RBI Governor (later I understood that I had gone wrong and it was finance secretary)
    Sir 1: Can you name at least 3 RBI deputy governors?
    Me: Sorry Sir..I don’t know
    Sir 2: Do you think banks play a vital role in the economy ?
    Me: Yes
    Sir 2: How?
    Me: I tried to explain and he was not impressed.
    Sir 1: How is hubli? ( the place where I worked first)
    Me: I told about the place
    Madam: What are your hobbies?
    Me: Reading and watching movies
    Madam: What do you read?
    Me: Fictions..Especially those written by Indian authors…
    Sir 1: Ok prajil..thats it…best of luck…
    I got up…
    Sir 3: Prajil, Are you ready towork anywhere in India
    Me: Yes sir..I’m ready…
    Sir 1: Ok…u can gonow….take a chocolate…
    I took one chocolate and wished them happy new year…..They wishe me back and I came out...Relieved!!

    1. Thanks Prabhakaran. Great review. All the Best :)

  6. does being offered a choclte after d intrvw indicates tat u r selectd???coz evn i ws offerd 3 chocs:) though my intrvw din go well.. i too hd the same venue.. bt panel 2

  7. Sunil: All the best deepthi. You have done a good job.

  8. Hi guys I have one doubt.....i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.....

    1. No. Computer Literacy is nor compulsory. You will not face any problem for that. Best of Luck.

  9. By mistake I have mentioned that i dont have any work experience,but i have 6 months work experience.if i mentioned this in the interview are they going to reject me for this?do they think i hide it purposly at the application filling up time?or they misunderstood me as a careless person?

    if i hide my experience matter to them is it lead to some problem in future?can the bank know my previous job as i have submitted my FORM -16 and professional tax from my previous employer,and in FORM 16 all the details like my pan card details,my previous employee details everything is written.
    i just want to know is it possible for them to know about my previous job?
    plz suggest me whether i show them my experience certificate or not?

    1. Why and where did you submit Form-16 ? Whether is it necessary to produce form-16 for ibps interview

  10. Hi guys I have one doubt.....i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.....

  11. i applied ibps IT officer job . can u guide me how to prepare me..

  12. Name : G Arun kumar
    Qualification : (IT)(2012)
    IBPS score:62
    Ceter : Andhrabank staff college, Gachibowli , Hyderabad
    category: obc
    Interview schedule: jan 5th, 8.30 AM
    Pannel :7

    I reached the center at 8.00 AM. I entered my details at visitors book at main gate and I went to 7th floor of the building where certificates verification been conducting.It takes just 10 min to me and i given as 5th member in interview list.I waited till 10 AM then my turn came.
    There are four members in panel all are men.
    me : may i come in sir
    M1 : come in
    me : good morning all of you
    M1 : good moring Arun take your seat
    M1 : tell me about yourself , your family
    me : explained
    M1 : what is your father
    me : He is a businessman sir
    M1 : what type of business he does
    me : we have a steel shop in our village sir
    M1 : what is E-commerce arun
    me : explained
    M1 : what is UIDAI
    me : explained
    M1 : how many states in india now
    me : I suddenly said 29 sir
    M1 : I think telangana not yet formed right.
    me : sorry sir its 28 states sir
    M1 : what is difference between hardware and software
    me : explained
    M1 : where krishna river starts from
    me : sir in maharastra not for sure sir.
    M1 : between which states the controversy on krishna water is going on.
    me : sir between AP and Karnataka sir.
    M1 : Name the western states of india
    me : maharastra, gujrath and rajastan sir
    M2 : Mr Arun explain about ITIR
    me : sir its Information technology investment region sir.
    M2 : can you elaborate it
    me : sorry sir I`m not much familiar with this
    M2 : who owns the
    me : sorry sir i dont know
    M3 : explain about RRBs
    me : explained
    M1 : having a good percentage in graduation why won't you try for abroad
    me : sir I`m from rural area and i`m not that much financial status sir.(I understand what he means to say)
    M1 : you have to improve your communication skills Arun. And thats it you may leave now arun. All the very best
    me : thank you sir.
    I left the room . It took just 10 to 15mins
    My suggestions : Dont tens while giving answers. Say confidently what you are saying. dont give one word answers.Maintain a smile on your face always. dont afraid if you dnot know something. check your communication if they ask the questions in local language you have to reply in the same language. check your certificates once.
    Conclusion : No banking questions. it seems certificates verification is the tuffest part in my whole interview process. : :P
    dont loose your hopes even you have a low score. You have to give your best shot.
    Thats it . All the best guys.

  13. hi guys me also same problem ... i have written by mistake diploma in computer operations but actually i have post graduate diploma in computer applications. pls guys help... !

    1. mam,
      pls reply to have same problem

  14. thanks deepthi for sharing this.

  15. deepthi why you told that you are qualified in SSC CGL

  16. hii i jst wanna knw that my last sem passing date is 22 july 2011 bt by mistake i entered 23 july there any problem in it....plllzzzz rplyyyyy


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