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January 05, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiencs - Karthik (Chennai)


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Name : Karthik

Qualification : BTech IT

Venue : IOB Regional office,  Chennai

Date : 03-jan-2014

Time : 8.30

My PO Interview was in chennai and i was the first one to bat ...After verification of My document i entered the room saying excuseme sirs. The Panel consist of 4 Members (M1,M2,M3 n M4)


1Q---->Technical Q from Database?
1A---->thinking^^^ sry sir I have to Re-Collect


2Q---->what is  Banking?
2A----> Banking is financial institute which accepts deposit from the public at lower interest rate and lend the same to the public with much higher interest rate for certain profit .banking regulation act 1949 define banking as  "  accepting, for the purpose of lending or investment, of deposits of money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and with drawable by cheque, draft, order or otherwise"

3Q---->why Banking?
3A----> job opportunity is more as well as career advancement in banking sector, we can  Balance our  time to the family and to the work, secure job, nowadays banking is driven with technology so i can handle front-end process with the understanding of the back-end process 
4Q you said bank gives lesser interest , there are cases where bank give higher interest rate than  lending?can you tell that?
A4--->about term depsit(FD,RD) (M2 -- not that i mean lending ). i said agriculture loan , education loan(M2 'yes like that' he said it with satisfaction but i was confused with my answer )
5Q---->You have taken education loan ?
5A---->yes sir, i have taken

6Q---->Which Bank ?
6A---->SBI , as my father is an EX-Banker

7Q---->What is your father in SBI?
7A---->special assistant (oki(M2) , then i added one info saying that  NPA is more on Education load as he was talking about Education loan)


8Q---->asked about banks playing role in country development ?
8A---->banks plays a vital role in every sector in India and told about the development bank

9Q----> Who is the governor of  RBI?
9A---->Dr.Raguram rajan and strated with deputy Governor(he said its enough)

10Q--->who played the major role in Nationalizing bank?
10A--->Indira Gandhi

11Q--->In which year ?
11A--->In 1969 and 1980 , 14 banks nationalized in 1969 n 6 bank nationalized in 1980


12Q--->you know which bank Merged in 1993?
12A--->new bank of india merged with punjab national bank

13Q--->din remember the Q and what i have Ans

14Q--->You told me abt comfort(time management which i told in the beginning) of know  even bank will ask you to work for more hours ?
14A--->yes sir i know  but not like IT and gave one real incident (my friend works in an IT company stating that he will return home at 12.00.

15Q--->IT company as good HRD and before it was with regular timing but it has changed ,bank will also do the same coz bank pay is high work is less n said that you can choose IT ?
15--->bank has only one  department but IT has 100 technology consist of 100 language (m2 event bank has many dept) bank basic is one, others ore modified form of this but iT has 100 languages  (m2 to comp it  with the world we have to know the  languages n said ur right you have to learn languages)


(M2) you have done your interview well, all the best and gave a handshake ..i thanked n gave a handshake to everyone

Today I'm having a doubt whether he said 'done your interview well'  or 'done with your interview' I couldn't recollect the incident :(
All the Best to all 

Thanks to Karthik  on behalf of our readers and team members for his valuable Interview Experience. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. No doubt. You done your interview well. you will selected :)

  2. what is score karthik

  3. Too good Man...well dne..and it u r nervous..u dont remember certain things ;)
    u r there in Buddy
    All the best

  4. No one will say "you done your interview well"..he definitely said other statement..& wished u luck & gave handshake..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for your comment friends...i got only min mark in written (just pass) 53 :(.....i knew that my chance is very very very less but i learnt a lot from (IBPS PO3) if i fail also i can be better in next CWE..

  6. Maksheets of 10th and 12th would b sufficienr or we have to carry Board certificates of 10th and 12th

  7. hi guys me also same problem. I have been qualified for ibps clerk 3 ... i have written by mistake diploma in computer operations but actually i have post graduate diploma in computer applications. pls guys help... !


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