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January 04, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Anjali Nigam


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Name - Anjali

Date of interview - 4th January 2013

Interview venue - Bank of India, Sandipani, Noida

Interview panel - 7th
Interview time - 1.00 PM

I reached the venue at 12 PM with one of my friends. She was also having her interview.

We waited outside for half an hour. Then we were called inside the gate. We have to sign against our name and then the guards there told us to go to the waiting room.I waited there for 10 min and they called out my name and asked me to go for documents verification in other building.

I got documents verified till 1.15 PM. then I came outside and officials told me to wait till 2.30 PM as there was the lunch break.So, I sit at the sofas there n start chatting with some people.Some of them had already given their interview n were telling their experiences.Most were telling that the panels are very friendly and they are just checking out your confidence and communication skills.

At 2.30 PM we were asked to go for our interview which was upstairs. There, we were asked to wait in a room where the officials were calling out our names when our turn was about to come.

I was called at 3.20 PM. I went, all the people sitting with me wished me luck.I was standing outside the interview room. A girl was already inside, next turn was mine.A sir was sitting outside the room who started chatting with me asked about my famiy and home town. The girl came outside and next was my turn to go in. I went inside after the bell ring for the next candidate.

I knocked the door and asked them "may i come in"
They said "yes, with a smile"
I wished them good afternoon sirs,they all replied back.
(there were 4 members in the panel and all were males)

m1: so, madam anjali,haan ??
I said "yes sir"

m1: what is the meaning of your name?
I replied:"divine offerings"

m1:  nice name n well dressed up
I replied:thankyou sir!

m1: from where you have done your 12th
I told them.

m1: from which school ??
I told my school name...he again asked whether it is a english medium or hindi medium?
I told him.

then he asked me about my father's occupation?
I told him that he is working as a foreman instructor in govt.ITI
(he was quite impressed n keep on asking about my father's profession)

then he asked  the obvious question that being an engineer why do you want to join bank??
I replied- sir, due to my low scores in I couldn't got a satisfactory job in my field.then I thought to go in public sector and banks are the sunrise sector of indian economy, I decided to join banks.

m1 :  why u got low scores ?
I replied:sir , due to my negligence at that time, I couldn't realize the importance of studies.but later I worked hard n as a result I cracked this exam.

m1;  so , u had never given any interview before this
I replied:no sir, I had given bank of baroda MSB interview,

m1:  so , u were not selected there ??
I replied:I told them that I have been selected there but I have not got the call letter yet as I am in their 11 batch .

m1:  so you have achieved much being this year's passout (and smiled)

m1 (again):so ,can you work anywhere in india?

I replied:yes sir, I can go anywhere, workplace is not a problem for me
m1:  your parents have no problem in sending u  anywhere...and they are not having in sending you manipal also being so far from here.??
I replied : no sir, they give more importance on career than these things.

m1:  acha tell me, who take your decisions ? you or your father?
I replied :sir, I take my decisions myself ,after that my father gives his concern.

(then ,m1 asked m2 to ask his question)

m2: have you heard about CSR?
I replied:yes sir, it is corporate social responsibility,in this companies have to spend 2 % of their profit for social improvement and  social uplifitng.

m2: you know who is the governor of RBI ?
 I replied: mr .Raghuram Rajan.
m2:  and who was earlier than him ?
I replied :mr .D Subbarao.

(then he asked m3 and m4 to ask their question but they didn't asked)

m1 :  so , thankyou miss.Anjali, you can go now
I said . thankyou sirs and have a nice day.

they all said thankyou and wished me luck
I came out of the room.

SUGGESTION : Don't get nervous and be confident.if you dont know about something,just admit it with confidence.and prepare well about yourself and your family.JUST BE YOURSELF.

ANALYSIS : The panel was very humble and friendly. They were just checking out your self confidence and communication skills.
I tried to give my best and I welcome your comments and suggestions


Thanks to Anjali on behalf of our readers and team members for her valuable review. We wish her great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Anjali Plz tell what u have worn for interview

    1. how can i share my interview experience here

    2. Thnx Anjali...nd hope for d best.....stay blessed :)

    3. anjali,,,can i wear black jeans and jacket in interview..

  2. hey anjali .. that was a nice interview.
    all the best for the results !!
    if u don't mind , could u please tell if u wore an indian dress or a western formal ?
    I have my interview in noida on 7th .

    1. Better go in casuals friend. Try to be simple. It doesn't matter whether you wear western or traditional.

    2. sry, I meant *Formals.. not casuals

  3. Nice going on. Can I know your marks?

  4. my university only issued me semester wise and final degree. I don't have consolidated marks sheet ... will there be any issue ?

  5. nice one anjali............U hav definitely put a atrong case for ur selection. Even I had my interview at the same centre today and also around the same time 3.15 PM Panel 8. Mine also gone well. I hope I will crack it too.

    1. can u please tell me how was the panel 8? and wat type of question dey asked? i'm also having my interview in panel 8 on 8th jan..

  6. hey Anjali,what u have worn in interview?pls reply,my interview is on 9.i m worried about dressing sense.

  7. hello sir/madam, plz tjsb bank ke trainee officer ke previous paper upload kijiye

  8. when are p.o interviews going to end


  10. hii...myself is saurabh....i m also shortlisted for ibps po interview...i want to asked u 1 ques......while filling my ibps online application for po....they have asked whether i have appeared earlier in ibps exam in 2011 and 2012....i have filled NO there,but actually i have giving the po exam in 2011 and 2012....i filled it by mistake....can u tell me this will effect my candidature for po interview for not.....i m very tensed abt it....pls reply asap

  11. Replies
    1. u did so well in ur intrview ....definitely u will get gud marks !!
      u look very preety !

  12. thanks for shearing your experience but can you plz tell us how much marks you got in po 3

  13. mine is also on 6th so plz anjali ji tell us ur score

  14. bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhadiya bhdiya bhadiya ..............


  15. So, did u really got selected in Baroda MSB or not?? anjali.....

  16. i have my obc certificate but does not in the prescribed format is there any problem?


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