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January 06, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Neha


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Name : Neha

Date of Interview : 06/01/2013

Place : Bhopal

Panel : IV

Time : 1 PM

Qualification : MBA Marketing

While waiting for my turn outside the room after my document verifications, I was told that this particular panel is very strict and has been asking a lot of technical questions and questions related to educational background. Every interview that took place while I sat there waiting, took between 15-25 minutes. I have been prepared well but was still a little nervous about it.
So after waiting over 2 hours I was called in for the interview. I wished everyone good afternoon and took the seat. Five member Panel, out of which one was lady and apparently the observer. So the second one from the left started with the questioning:
M2: Tell me something about yourself, your family, education in short.
Me: I introduced myself in brief telling about education, work experience and family.
M2: It’s been almost one year since you left your job, what are you doing now? (Since I told that I left my job in February, 2013)
Me: Since I dint want to be completely dependent on my parents for everything I need, I took up my hobby as a part time job and has been working as a freelance content writer since Febuary, 2013.
M3: How is your current work applicable in a bank?
M3: What is banking? Banking se aap kya samjhati hai?
Started in English but then he asked to answer in Hindi. I apologized and continued in Hindi. (Although technical terms couldn’t be translated to Hindi)
M3: What other functions does a bank perform?
M3: Which one is the latest addition to the bank function?
I told bank-assurance and gave example of the PNB metlife insurance. Apparently I wrongly told them that PNB acquired Metlife, when he again asked me to check my facts.
I apologized for my lack of correct facts and told him that I would definitely check once I am back. But please correct me if I had been wrong.
M1 told that Metlife is a subsidiary of PNB. (However, I was right there, since PNB has recently acquired 30% stake of Metlife and that’s how Metlife became its subsidiary)
Nonetheless, the first panel member (seems to an a finance expert started with his questionnaire).
M1: What is a financial market?
M1: What are the financial instruments traded there?
M1: Can anyone buy these instruments?
M1: Why do companies need to keep inventory?
Since I couldn’t understand the question clearly, I started telling him about the stock requirement that companies need to have to keep the ball rolling. M2 again tried to clarify the question but to no avail as I was still unclear about exactly what they were trying to ask?
I told them that please clarify since I am not sure. Then M2 told me with a very simple example that the inventory account need to be checked from time to time to know the future needs of the business and also to check if there had been any pilferage or not.
I felt really stupid for not understanding the question in the first place which is very simple and for which I already know the answer. But nevertheless, they took it in a nice way and it was more of a conversation by that time than any interview question answer one. So it all went well.
I couldn’t understand or observe their reactions much as I wasn’t concentrating on any one but was looking at everyone from time to time. However, the whole process didn’t even take 10 minutes and they said that’s all. I was surprised the one before mine went on for good 20-25 minutes. I am really not sure what to fathom from the interview. The rest could be told only after the results for which I would be dearly waiting.

Anyways, All the Best to everyone :)

Heartiest Thanks to Neha on behalf of our readers and team members for her valuable analysis of the Interview. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. very nice neha....they didn't ask u reltd to marketing ?? nd abt ur graduation stram ??
    im also frm bpl nd MBA marketing...

    1. In fact even I was surprised that they dint.. probably because none of them were from marketing specialist.

  2. is provisional acceptable or we need the original degree certificate??i have original marksheets with me.

    1. is enough..if you have a valid explination

  3. i want to thank all the candidates who are sharing their experiences regarding interviews and gr8 ambitionz team for sharing with us thank you gr8 ambitionz team.


  4. Hi neha

    mera bhi 5th ko tha bhopal me central bank ke training istitute me in panel 4 . same type of questions the . unme se ek to prem chopra jaisa dikh raha tha............

    1. and what about panel 3rd. i have interview on 9th.

    2. hi ayush............could you please tell about your interview...................

      i have clerk interview at central bank training college.............

  5. hi to all
    i 'am writing ibps specialist officer exam next month. while fiiling up the form i had given date of passing as 15-5-11 while it was 28-4-11. i got confused since the consolidated marklist was issued on 20-5-11. is it going to be a problem. reply

  6. Hello sir I have clear ibps clerk exam but unfortunately at the time of form filling I select Gujrat but I am belongs to Maharashtra on this matter I called with ibps care but they told me now Ur case is depends on interviewer .sir there is any hope for me that they transfer my interview in Maharashtra.plz reply me urgent sir

    1. ny info about 3rd panel, bhopal...plz plz gve sme info if nyone attended it

  7. Gays i also had my interview on 5/01/2014 in Bhopal.they asked me 20-22 question i gave answer of all question except one question,But i was nervous at the time of interview and did some silly mistakes, my panel also monitor it,so guys tell me how much extent it will affect my interview marks???


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