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January 06, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Karthikeyan M (Coimbatore)


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Name : KarthiKeyan M

Interview Date : 4th January 2013

Place : Coimbatore

Venue : IOB regional office

4 Members in the panel

M1: where you from?
Me: I am from Tirupur sir

M1: Tirupur is famous for?
Me: For Knit Garment Exports

M1: Whats the tirupur contribution in that ?
Me: I could not recognize the right figure sir, but it crossed 12,000 Crore last financial year in terms of overall turnover

M1: Laughed and asked my qualification
Me: MBA in Marketing and Finance sir

M2: What is balance Sheet?
Me: Answered correctly

M1: what is Fixed cost and Variable cost, explain with example ?
Me: Managed to explain Variable cost, as he interrupted in between and raised another question, but said correctly about Fixed Cost

M1: then what is break even point?
Me: i explained it

M1: What is Gross profit and Net Profit?
Me: I answered.

M1: Do u heard of funds flow statement ?
Me: i said, sorry sir i hear and studied about it.  but its hard to recognize now correctly.

M1: say anything about it?
Me: Sorry Sir, i forget about it as i learned 4 yrs before.

M1: What are you up to these days then?
Me: i said tat i worked in tirupur and abu dhabi.

M2: then why you came back?
Me: My contract was over by last June, and also enter into banking job is my intention. so, i resigned and come back for banking preparations.

M3: he is aged and asked what is global warming in Tamil?
Me: i explained (both in English and tamil to all)

M4: how it cause?
Me: i said due to the gases like CO, CFC, methane etc (i forget to mention Greenhouse in general  )

M3: where the methane gas emits from?
Me: i said it emits from everywhere sir, even in agricultural lands (immediately one interuppted and asked)

M2: is it ? how from agricultural?
Me: i managed and said not fully from agricultural land sir, some crops emit Methane gas, then he said its different don't beconfused.

i said sorry sir, ok

M1: ok bhayya, why Global warming has this much cause and every one worrying abt it?
Me: I said, the hazards and meltdown due to global warming, kyoto protocol, carbon credit.
i guess they all satisfied.

M1: Ok, all the best, thank you
Me: I thanked everyone n exit

My Analysis and Suggestions  : More and More parental care. They induce us to recall our subject knowledge and general knowledge. If you don know the answer, kindly say No. They will pass to another question. All the Best.

Thanks to Karthikeyan for sharing his valuable Interview Experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. thank u for sharing wish u all the best

  2. Nice...Interview......All the best...and one doubt frd, I had forgot to mention Experience details in Appication Form. Can i mention at the time interview...I am Exp Letter.....Pls reply

    1. Yes dude... u can attach your exp letter copy (if you presently working and don hav any exp certificate then say abt ur present job in the panel) .....

  3. Nice da karthi..

    Hope for the best...

  4. Interview Experience of IBPS PO III

    Name : sujit kumar sahoo

    Education : B.Tech(E.E.E.)

    Date : 04/01/2014

    Venue : United Bank Regional office, Bhubaneswar

    Panel : IV

    Certificates verified by 02.00 P.M. and my turn for the interview came at 4 PM.
    There are 4 members in the panel and all are male M1 M2 M3 M4.

    I was very confused what to wish "good afternoon" or "good evening" bcoz time was 3.57 PM.
    Wished them "Good Afternoon all of You"

    These were the questions asked in my IBPS PO III interview

    M2 : U r Sujit Kumar Sahoo ?

    M2 : Tell us about urself .

    M2 : What u expect from us ?

    M2 : Any preparation for interview ?

    M2 : Job profile ?

    M2 : Why u left that job ?

    M4 : Distance from bhubaneswar to roorkee ?
    (as in my last job in roorkee, qstns from there now.)

    M3 : Distance from roorkee to haridwar & from delhi to roorkee ?

    M2 : If ur posting is in uttarakhand, what will u do ?

    M4 : what r the trains from bhubaneswar to roorkee ?

    M4 : difference between rajdhani exp. & shatabdi exp. ?

    M3 : difference between sleeper class & 3rd ac except air conditioning ?

    M3 : Tell me the upper sit numbers of a coach .

    M2 : How did u prepare for banking ?

    M3 : Why bhubaneswar is famous ?

    M3 : What is Golden Triangle & why is it so called ?

    M4 : Konark is called "Arkakhetra" , what is bhubaneswar called in this way ?

    M1 : How banks r helpful to students ?

    M1 : what is the rate of interest of education loan ?

    M2 : Ok. Thank u .

    I Wished them Thank u & Have a nice day to all .
    The total interview is of 13-15 mins.

    Hope for the best..!
    Dont know if it was good or bad!

    I think students face the problem of sliding door & moving chair .


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