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January 06, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview experience by Thanuja (Tirupati)


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Name : Thanuja

Qualification : B.Tech (CSE)

Interview Date : 5th January 2014

Interview Venue : Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)

My interview  was in the morning. I had entered the location of andhra bank school management by 8.30 am. i had completed my interview by 10.15 am  and am   the 4th member of my panel. It was exactly 12 minutes they had interviewed me.

I entered into the room by asking may i come in sir. I tried to appear confident without any nervousness.

I wished them Good Morning.  They too wished me in return. After 4-5 seconds they offered me to take the seat. I said thank you

There were 4 members in the panel and all of them are above 50. One of them is around in the age of 40 he is talking very professionally and asked about all banking in depth.

M1 he is verifying my documents. "So you are Thanuja" he asked and he asked what is the meaning of your name. this was my first ques
and I said in Telugu it was son or daughter.

m2 : can you tell me about yourself ? he insisted me not to say about my name and family. So i had started with my educational background and I said my strengths and i also mention the reason  coming into  banking though I am a Computer Science Graduate and i assured them that definitely I can contribute for banking in like that way.
After that he asked that what are you doing from the past one and half year what are the exams u have attended?
I said that I've been preparing for the bank exams only. I have attempted last IBPS cwe clerks 2  and i got 60% weightage but missed that one and I had attempted ibps po  after that clerks and i cleared the clerks exam recently sir.

and i have prepared my self from home for 1 year .
he asked haven't you applied for any other state service or other exams ?
I said no sir am completely interested in banking sector side only.

He asked another question  that  what are the books u have preferred specially for banking
I said kiran prakashan he again asked me specially for banking?
then I don't know exactly what to tell so had told that sir  i have done most of my preparation using  internet. There I mentioned websites like  RBI Website,  Gr8ambitionz and All Banking Solutions websites
he said ok.
then he looked the m2 who is person of no smile (he just appeared like the person who takes final year viva in colleges with serious face).  I was not showing any nervous as i have  well prepared for banking. He asked me all the questions about Banking Only. But at that time I couldn't catch him because he was talking very fast.

Then he asked me a question "Assume that you are a bank manger. Two persons came for a bank loan. One is a male who is very poor he wants a loan for his daughter education and another is a widow she is also poor she came for the loan for the purpose of marriage of his daughter. whom u will offer a loan?"
and i said both of them  i will prefer he said u have to choose only one then i said  i prefer educational loan.

he asked why the reason?
I prefer education than marriage sir  he explained some thing abt marriage loans

he asked being a cs graduate other than all banking activities how u can helpful for banks business at that time i cant catch his words exactly

so i said some thing which does not suits it  exactly  i said i can manage all applications effectively
he is not satisfied with that answer .

ok leave it tanuja

can u tell me the bank which was recently opened

s sir it was Bharitiya Mahila Bank opened in New Delihi and I said its CEO name.

he immediately why BMB ?

i said for women empowerment .he asked one more question present most of the public sector banks are there which can be run by both men an women again why bmb

its specially for women under nirbhayas case it was eshtablinshed he is not convinced he expected some thing more.

he asked me icici bank ceo and ficci president and axis bank  ceo all of them i answered.

he mentioned a name kumar sacchendriyasome thing i did nt remember it exactly do u know who is he?

i said sorry sir i dont know.

he again asked me a question  what is current account?

why it was so called?

 i explained . he is some what ok not completely he satisfied i think.

then m3 asked about

what are the operating systems tell me any two ?

and i answered that one.

he asked u had studied in madanapalle is it

s sir

then what is the speciality of madanapalle

i said it was near to horseliyhills

why it was cool other than the remaining areas

i said it was in the hill area he asked there is a technical term for it

i said it was situated in the higher position of the earth, he asked there is one more term for it . i said am not getting the term right now

he asked what is financial inclusion? i answered.

m4: muslim person said chod dho

he asked me what is our national anthem

i said hurriedlly vandemataram

immeadiately i said sorry sir it was janagana mana 
do u know where it was written  by whom it was written?

i said it written by ravindhranath tagore in madanapalle he smiled and said gud very few people will know that.

he asked what is the meaning of adept u mentioned adaptable but  am asking adept . i have tried to recall but not answered he said chod dho
he said that he will ask last one ques?

i said sure sir

he asked do u prefer health or wealth
Then i prefer health having a lot of wealth but not having health it was useless, he said ok thanuja u may leave
I said thanks to all of u sir and left.

I tried to give my best and hoping for the best. All the best to all :)

Heartiest Thanks to Thanuja on behalf of our readers and team members for her valuable analysis of the Interview. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi guys I have one doubt.....i have wriiten by mistake that I have diploma in computer operation.......but actually I have diploma in computer wat will happen in ibps clerk veryfication guys ......pls tell me....pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.....

  2. Its not such a big issue friend. Dont worry. prepare well for your interview :)

    1. Wat if frnd they dnt allow me for the interview frnds....pls telll me,,,,,,,,plsssssssssaa

    2. I had also mentioned diploma in comp operation but I didn't have any comp certificate still they alloe me in po interview without declaration bcos this is not one of the eligibility crliteria. So don't worry prepare for interview..

    3. Oh thank u frnd so much.......u r very ya

  3. Super ga chesav. Job confirm. All the best Tanu :)

  4. right you can't comment a person by his religion, editors should take a note of this..

  5. i am from chennai nd live in gujarath... i don't know gujarathi or hindi.. if they as me in any of these 2 languages... what should i do..?? tensed..!! plz reply...

  6. BMB is not only to women empowerment. But also a political game of our leader's to gain women votes.
    It's just waste of tax payer's money.

  7. hi friends preparing for bank interviews keep an idea about famous personalities and what they did and a maximum of banking terminology, because i faced interview and asked about vinobabawe but i was not able to say

  8. @Thanuja please tell me ur score

  9. I have one doubt iam an engieering student what date of passing i have to mention in application form is that course completion certificate date or provisional certificate date or cmm issue date... i mentioned couse completion date is it will create problem in certificate verification process

    1. dont worry def they wil allow u for interview . they will not check all these now . may be it will checked while u got joining letter so cool . all the vest for ur interview

  10. Hi all,

    I am going to write IBPS SO on next month.I have completed BE(3 yrs),Diploma(2yrs) and +2.But they asked 4 yrs Engineering.Am i eligible to write ibps specialist officer exam?

    1. No dude . not applicable. U will be rejected at the time of interview. Don't waste ur time. Prepare for SSc cgl

  11. shivani mam garu thanks for posting my interview experience . as i think it will helpful for others but it seems it makes an issue .could you pls delete my interview experience its my sincere request mam pls. as early as possible

    1. not an issue.baaga chesaru

    2. Your Interview is really good thanuja.. It is very helpful


    1. can any one explain me this link's message??

  13. please anyone tell that my mark is 83 but i entered in application form as 83.27 will it create any problem i am tensed please anyone reply

    1. no its not an issue for interview .they will allow


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