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January 09, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience from Odisha - Debasish Satpathy


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Name : Debasish Satpathy

Category : General

Qualification : B.Tech (IT), MBA (HR + MKTG)

Venue : Canara Bank, Circle Office , Sachivalya Marg, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Date : 7.1.14

Time : 8:30 am

Panel : 3

Marks : 94

Hello friends, I appeared at the interview for IBPS PO 3 on 7.1.14. My interview was held at Canara bank, circle office, Bhubaneswar. I reached the venue at 8:15 am. By that time some of the other candidates had already reached the venue. We were allowed to enter into the bank’s premises at 8:30am sharp. We were made to sit in a hall and the documents verification started by 9:00am according to a pre-specified list. I was allotted serial no. 18 and had to wait till 11:00am before my turn came. I had all the documents but the scrutinizer asked me to produce an ID proof bearing the same spelling of my name as it appeared on the application form. Luckily, I had AADHAR card which satisfied the scrutinizer.

My documents verification came to an end at around at around 11:30am and I was asked to wait for interview. There was only one panel conducting the interview, consisting of four members, all of whom were male in their fifties.
                                               After waiting for another 30-40 minutes my name was announced and I was being told that I was the next one to face interview. I redeemed myself and entered the interview room at 12:20pm.
Me:-Sir, may I come in?
M1(Chairman of the panel):- Yes, come in.
Me:-Good afternoon to all of you sirs.
They wished back and offered me to sit, which I did with thanks.
M1:-So, Debasish what was your percentage in tenth, twelfth, B.Tech and MBA.
Me:-Replied appropriately.
M1:-Where have you done MBA?
Me:- Sir, I did it from Global Institute of Management.
Then he passed unto the next interviewer.
M2:-You completed B.Tech in 2008 and MBA in 2012. What were you doing 2 years in between?
Me:- I narrated how I was placed in LnT Infotech. How I was made to wait due to recession and eventually after one and a half years I decided to pursue MBA and prepared for MAT examination.
M2:-What is the difference between marketing and selling?
Me:-Sir, marketing is the process by which products are introduced in
the market and transfers of ownership are affected. While selling is
the last step of marketing management process which includes the
actual buying of the product by the customer from the seller.
M2:-What are 4P’s of marketing?
Me:-Sir, product, price, promotional activities and place are the 4P’s
of marketing.
Then he passed unto the next interviewer
M3:-Which district you belong to?
Me:-I belong to Cuttack district.
M3:-What is Cuttack famous for?
Me:-Sir, it is famous for filigree works.
M3:-Who built barabati stadium?
Me:-Sir, I don’t have adequate knowledge on it.
M3:-Who built Kathajori bandha?
Me:-Sir, I don’t have any idea about it.
Then he passed unto the next interviewer.
M4:-What are the different types of deposit? Explain.
Me:-Replied appropriately.
M4:-Why customers are complaining against banks nowadays.
Me:-Sir, it is due to corruption and cases of fraud.
Then he passed unto the chairman.
M1:-What are your hobbies?
Me:- Sir, reading books, playing chess and watching cricket.
M1:-What type of books do you read and who is your favorite author?
Me:-Sir, I prefer books on wildlife and Jim Corbett is my favorite author.
M1:- Where is Corbett national park?
Me:-Sir, I think it’s in Uttaranchal.
That was the last question asked to me. I said thank you and wished them a very nice day. I came out of the room at around 12:35 pm and interview lasted for around 15 minutes. The only other thing they said to me was to acquaint myself with the questions that I couldn’t answer. I said definitely sir and came out of the room with confidence.

Suggestions : Be yourself. The interviewers are very cordial and supportive. They  are primarily asking questions from everyday occurrences, regional news, some banking terms and some questions from your background. They are also allowing candidates to answer in their preferred language. So prepare the basics and believe in yourself. ALL THE BEST.

Thanks to Debasish for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and suggestions with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. When will the Clerks Marks be revealed ???

  2. i have problem in my surname spelling which only includes 'A' more its in my degree certificate and also in tenth and 12th...will it cause checking .wid ur id proof and application form ?

  3. Hii......its Riya.....i have writtn in online form that my passing date is 23-04-2011 which was gvn on my last sem marksheet but the date gven on pass certificate is different....i m really scared...pls tell me....riya....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. not a big issue...same prob here

    3. Kyun logo ko @##$$ bana rahi ho. Go and watch POGO.

    4. its not a problm..
      i too did the same.i compltd my interview also..but no problem they will check that it is before the date mentioned in notification...

  4. Wen can we expect ibps clerk score cards......pls reply

  5. Debasish wish you all the best for your OSCB junior manager interview, Which is on 11th january.

    1. hi debasish...
      can you please tell me what type of questions they will be asking in the DCCB interview??

    2. hi debasish
      can you please tell me what type of questions they would be asking in the interview of DCCB
      I have done MBA in AGRI Business Management..!!

  6. I am shortlisted for ibps clerk interview. from karnataka.. I am not so good in english and hindi.... what can i do.....

  7. Ibps clerk 3 scores kb publish honge?????

  8. Debasish Bhai Dhanyabaad.. Tamar Confidence dekhi ki Mora b Confidence Badhi Gala.. Thanx Buddy...............


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