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January 08, 2014

Interview Experience of IBPS PO III - Nitika Thakur (Chandigarh)


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Name : Nitika Thakur

Category : General

Date of interview : 7/1/2014

Time : 1 PM

Venue : PNB Sector17, Circle office, Chandigarh

I reached at the venue around 12pm. Till that time the morning slot interviews were still going on ..the attendance started around 1 pm where after around 2 we were asked to go for lunch and to be back by 2:30 .till this time the document verification had started and 2-3 people were through with their document verification ..  Post lunch the document verification started again. the verification was done in about 5-10 min since all the candidates were of general category .my document verification started at 4pm and I had my interview around 5:15pm.i was third last for the interview (although I was felt tired for waiting for my turn for so long, the moment I entered the interview room, the people welcomed me with a big smile as if they were all fresh and were ready to grill me  :) )
There were 4 interviewers (m1, m2, m3, m4) in the panel .all were above 50... As I entered the room I greeted them GOOD AFTERNOON .they asked me to sit down (with a smile).
M1: where do you belong from?
Me: sir I basically belong to Jallandhar but due to my father’s transferable job ,our family has been to various places and now we are finally settled in Chandigarh.
M2: what does your father do and tell me about your family
Me: my name is Nitika Thakur . my father is working with bank of India as chief manager , my mother is a house maker  and I have 2 elder sister(interrupted in between)
M2: what do your sisters do?
Me: sir both my sister’s are mba and are working with private banks and they both are married
M3: what is your qualification?
Me: sir I am a software engineer by qualification.(interrupted in between)
M3:  (as he went through with my documents, he saw my experience letter, since I had served the IT industry for 1 year) why did you your previous organization
Me: sir the IT industry can never provide me a job security and one always has to compromise with their personal life and put front the professional life. More over the working hours are were never fixed and the promotion criteria were never made transparent. So I gained one year of experience and resigned from the job and then I started preparing for the govt jobs.
M1: what attracts you in the banking sector?
Me: banking sector is one of the booming sectors in India which provides a very subtle and secured job profile. Banking industry has very fair and transparent promotion criteria (interpreted)
M1: what’s that transparent criteria?
Me: there run 2 parallel criteria of promotion where one can get eligible for the promotion. First is the fast track promotion, where the employees which have shown remarkable work get recommended for the promotion process and then the second is according to the seniority basis acc to the age
M3: what is CAR?
Me: capital adequacy ratio is also called as capital to risk assets ratio. It is the ratio of bank capital to risk ratio and how easily the bank can absorb the bad loans and still maintain the statutory capital requirements (I was just hoping that they don’t question me more on this because I mugged up this definition since there were few terms they were asking from every1 and this was one of them )
M2: (asked me a typical banking term, which I don’t remember, I had neither read nor even heard before)
Me: sorry sir I don’t know about it
They all gave me a pleasant smile.
(Now finally m4 speaks)
M4: how many nationalized banks are there?
Me: sir 19 … 14 were nationalized in 1969 and 6 were nationalized in 1980(interpreted)
M1: that makes 20..right?
Me: yes sir but new bank of India has been merged with pnb ,so now there are only 19 banks
M1: which is the new bank that is added in the list of public banks?
Me: ( BMB dint struck me that time ) I said there is no recent addition to the list of public banks but the last bank which is introduced is yes bank which is a private bank .
M1: beta bmb kya h fir (gave a smile and asked me to think again)
Me: sorry sir it skipped my mind.. BMB (bhartiya mahila bank ) its headquarters are at Delhi and Mrs. Usha anantsubramaniam is the chairperson .
M1 asked everybody if some1 wants to ask me more questions .they nodded their heads and then M1 said that I can go now
Me: thank you sir
They all said welcome and wished me luck for the results

I don’t know if my interview went well or not .keeping my fingers crossed for the final results and all the best for people who are yet to face the interview. Hope my interview experience can be of some help to you

Heartiest Thanks to Nitika for her valuable Interview review . We wish her great success in this  interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. thanx for sharing.

  2. hope u will select......n thanks for sharing

  3. its Deepika....i have all semester marks and original degree i don't have consolidated certificate.....will there b any problem

  4. its Deepika....i have all semester marks and original degree i don't have consolidated certificate.....will there b any problem

  5. a frequent question asked during interviews in my panel..........difference between Gross NPA and Net NPA?

  6. Hii its Deepika....i have all semester marks and original degree i don't have consolidated certificate.....will there b any problem.......

  7. Hi deepika... Its always better to take all you documents to be in the safer side...they dont want consolidated certificate.. Take along with you watsoever is provided by ur college.... I dnt think there will be any problm

  8. Hello nitika and thanks for sharing..wht questions they r asking from commerce graduate ?? Do u have interview review from commerce graduate student

    1. It ol depends on the panel .the panel which was assigned to me wasnt askng mch of comrc relatd questions, just definations.... Few guys were askd about current sports( mainly cricket) related questions..

    2. Thank u.. Gud luck

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hii......its Riya.....i have writtn in online form that my passing date is 23-04-2011 which was gvn on my last sem marksheet but the date gven on pass certificate is different....i m really scared...pls tell me....riya....

    1. Just make sure the date given on the certificate matches the criterion mentioned by ipbs..uf it does dn there is not a problm.. All the best for ur intrvw riya :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. How many days ibps po interview will be????????????

  14. HI Nitika have they asked any question related to IT???

  15. no dey dint ask ny IT relatd questnz.. I dnt thnk dere was any IT relatd subjct exprt in d panel, no one in my slot gt questnd about d same....dere wer some commerce relatd technical be on a safer sde do revise some database n and C ( i did revise dm as well) ...
    Ol d bst fr ur intrview

    1. Thanks for ur reply nitika...have u applied for specialist officer?

  16. can u tell me when will final interview result publish?

  17. hi Nikita. I am Ramesh,I think actually nationalized bank are 20. In IBPS there are 19 banks and another one SBI. so interview panel asked about it


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