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December 24, 2013

Types of Compilers


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Friends, we have already discussed the introduction of compilers and phases of compilers. In this post we shall discuss about various types of compilers.Those are 1. Incremental Compiler and 2. Cross compiler. Lets have a detailed look at them,

Incremental Compiler 

Incremental Compiler is a compiler which performs the recompilation of only modified source rather than compiling the whole source program.

The basic features of incremental compiler are,
  1. It tracks the dependencies between output and the source program.
  2. It produces the same result as full recompile.
  3. It performs less task than the recompilation.
  4. The process of incremental compilation is effective for maintenance. 

Cross Compiler

According to a compiler, basically there exists three types of languages. Those are,
  • Source Language : The application program
  • Target Language : In which machine code is written.
  • The Implementation Language : In which the compiler is written.
There may be a case that all these languages are different. In other words, there may be a compiler which run on one machine and produce the target code for another machine. Such a compiler is called cross compiler. Thus by using the cross compilation technique platform independency (generate on one platform and run on any platform) can be achieved. 

To represent cross compiler, T diagram is drawn as follows.
T diagram with S as source, T as target and I as implementation lanaguage

Cross Compiler

For source language L the target language N gets generated which runs on machine M.

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about Bootstrapping. Happy Reading :)

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