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December 24, 2013

Types of Market


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Generally markets are divided into 4 types. Those are,
  1. Consumer Market : Companies selling mass consumer goods and services such as soft drinks, cosmetics, air travel and equipment spend a great deal of time trying to establish a superior brand image. But brand strength depends on developing a product and packaging , availability, communication and reliable service.
  2. Business Market : Companies selling business goods and services often face well trained and well informed professional buyers who are in evaluating competitive offerings. Business buyers buy goods in order to make or resell a product to others at a profit. Business marketers must demonstrate how their products will help these buyers achieve higher revenue or low costs.
  3. Global Markets : Companies selling goods and services in the global market place additional decisions and challenges. They must decide with in countries how to enter each country, how to adopt their products and service features to each country. How to price their products in different countries and ow to adopt their communications to fit different cultures. These decisions must be made in the face of different requirements for buying, negotiating, owing and disposing of property, different culture, language, legal and political systems and currency value.
  4. Non Profit and Government markets : Companies selling their goods to nonprofit organizations such as Churches, Universities, Charitable organizations or government agencies need to price carefully because these organizations have limited purchasing power. Lower prices affect on the features and qualities of products. 
Bhavya Vasudevan
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  2. what are the qualities that a po must posses and what exactly is he supposed to do in banks?

  3. Their was an abundant material you may get about job profile of PO in banks at google search

  4. Admin your material is unbeatable...please provide interview material covering everything like economy, banking and general self questions and how they need to be answered....thankyou :)


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