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November 16, 2013

Current Affairs of November 15th


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International Affairs
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed for the first time that the United States is offering to free up "a tiny portion" of some USD 45 billion in Iranian assets frozen in bank accounts around the world.
  • Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) decided to stay away from CHOGM, alleging the government was using devious methods of "harassing" the party.
  • US President BarackObama thanks London-based Indian steel baron LakshmiMittal for investing in recession-hit America & creating jobs.
  • In the face of pressure from the world community, Mohamed Waheed has stepped down as President of the Maldives on the eve of the second round of the country's controversy-ridden presidential polls.
  • State of emergency has now been lifted in Egypt, three months after it was imposed during a crackdown on Islamist protesters.
  • The world's chemical weapons watchdog met on Friday to approve a final timetable for ridding Syria of its entire arsenal by mid-2014, amid hopes that long-delayed peace talks could be held soon.
  • China's ruling Communist Party today announced it will loosen the controversial decades-long one-child policy and abolish the dreaded labour camp system as part of major social reforms in the world's most populous nation.

National Affairs
  • Rumours of shortage triggered panic buying of salt in three different states in eastern India (Patna  / Kolkata / Shillong) causing salt prices to rocket. which forced the state government to launch an immediate crack down and announce that there is enough stock of salt in the state.
  • Mizoram govt warns businessmen against hoarding 'salt', which was rumoured to be sold for as high as Rs 300 a kilo in some areas of state
  • Praising industrialist Ratan Tata, finance minister P Chidambaram on Friday described him as the Sachin Tendulkar of corporate India.
  • Two senior officials of the International Cricket Council's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit paid a courtesy visit to the office of Mumbai Police Crime Branch which has been probing the IPL betting scandal.
  • Union Minister ManishTewari seeks National Martyr status for Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, who died during freedom struggle at the age of 19.

Business and Economy
  • Country's largest bank SBI today said it will be raising up to Rs 5,000 crore through bonds (debt) by the fiscal end.
  • RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan on Friday said that the central bank will announce measures to incentivise early recognition, better resolution, and fair recovery of distressed loans in the next few weeks.
  • Indian steel industry may face huge shortage of skilled workers by 2025 with the gap going up to as much as 60%, Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) Chairman C. S. Verma said on Friday.

  • Spiritual guru KripaluMaharaj passes away at a private hospital in Gurgaon following a brain injury.
  • Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for 74 in his record-breaking career.

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  1. Bharat ratna is a joke nowNovember 16, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    It's not a fan site of sachin or not a entertainment site. Don't put his or any player's pics at your logos.

    1. please get out from here..u idiot

    2. It's easy to call a person idiot. But he/she didn't post anything wrong. Why govt hurry to give it to him? If it is given after 10 years and after giving Dhyanchand, Viswanathan Anand everybody respects the decision. What ever it is giving this award to an athlete or actors is not good. In future, we wouldn't see any scientist or a good educator because everybody think playing is better than any other to get crores/public support and awards and also getting awards at early age.

      Can you say a single reason why govt took 41 years after the death of Patel to give him the award? Why Dhyan chand not awarded before Sachin(if you consider sports)? In fact, many educators and scientists not awarded at least padma sri or bhushan.

      I am not against him as a player or personally. But once think. You can understand.

    3. @ Anonymous : Sorry for the inconvenience friend. Ofcourse we are not here to promote any specific person or thing. But we have the habit of showing special logos on special events (you might have observed our previous logos of Teacher's Day, Ramzan, Sankranthi, Christamas, Nirbhaya's Incident etc... ). So we just put that logo to pay a tribute to sachin. Nothing more. Removed it now.. Good Day :)

    4. Thanks for understand me in right way. I agree Sachin is a sports legend, but Bharat Ratna? No, I already give the reasons in my previous comment. In fact, we should question the govt for neglecting educators on awarding.
      I knew many countries and can say some athletes are there even better than Sachin at sport, personally or at fan support. But just think what the status of an athlete or game if there was no media(TV, Newspapers, and Internet...)?

      But without media, education serve the nation and the world. Again I don't comment just on Sachin, but any player/actor/entertainer.

      @Shiv RK, I really have more respect now for taking my thoughts in right way. Never repeat that again. May be one or more of your team love(s) him. I can understand his/her enthusiasm. But again think my points...!

      One request, you need not blame or even I don't ask to do that, but post some neglected people's info on your site and question the govt in respective way.
      I can give you some list if you wish to.

  2. please give a brief information abt bank clerk and po salary

  3. hii admin..alot was happening in past two days in IBPS website..
    it was showing errors..
    now it was displaying THE RESULT FOR LAST DATE IS OVER and 404 ERROR
    wats wrong with the IBPS?
    was the given result genuine or not?
    Is there anyother date for results''?
    Kindly clrify it?

    1. I too have faced the same problem please mam give reply

    2. The site has been experiencing heavy traffic Friends. It will be ok soon.

  4. If possible just mention the RRB-1 cutoff for AndhraPradeh..???
    Thank You

  5. I have not seen my rrb scale 1 score.
    Is there any chance to see the score,
    Please reply

  6. kindly provide the link to see ib results.


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