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October 02, 2013

Sentence Correction in English - Practice Set 4


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Friends, here is your fourth set of Sentence Correction. The sentences given below have some errors in it. Just take a paper and write the correct sentences. You should solve these in 10 minutes. After that you can refer to the solutions given below. All the Best. 
  • Either the chief minister or his cabinet colleagues have submitted his resignation.
  • He wil lnot help you unless you do not give him money.
  • A good teacher always advices his students to work hard.
  • The father and the son love one another.
  • Those three sisters love each other.
  • Neither of the three boys came.
  • None of the two boys came.
  • He is more wiser than his brother.
  • It is the best of the two books.
  • He is the better of the three boys.
Check solutions here

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