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October 19, 2013

Review of Today (19th October 2013) PO Exam Evening Shift


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Well the exam was very hard , this much difficulty level was not expected for a PO Exam. All sections were very time consuming & the language used was also quite tricky. Most of the questions were asked in difficult manner & the options were also tricky. Moreover , the online pattern didn't help at all , if IBPS wants to conduct only online exams they should keep the difficulty level in check. I think it was not possible for anyone to complete the exam in 120 minutes:
1. Reasoning : It was difficult as compared to previous years questions. Syllogim , inequalities, input output were too lengthy . Seating Arrangement was not the easy but still reasoning was lil easier than the next section - aptitude.

2. Aptitude : Guys it was the hardest of all. DI questions were full of calculations & the language too was very tricky , the pie charts & tables were too much lengthy . All other questions like partnership , percentage , profit loss , CI etc were not easy to solve. Two out of four DI questions were very tricky.

3. English : Again it was quite tough and lengthy . To start with two very lengthy & tricky passages , one out of the 2 was on the economic growth of India and China in the world economy. Idioms & phrases were not easy to catch.

4. GA : Well this sections was OK but tougher than before. Lot of questions were asked from current International affairs up to September 2013 and from current Indian & World economy. Questions related to RBI were also given special attention. Questions related to International Days , Summits , Currencies & capital were not asked at all.
5. Computer : It was the easiest of all but again the way of asking the question & the options were not simple.

Here are some questions asked in this exam :

1. SLR Rate : 23 %
2. President of Pakistan : Mamnoon Hussain
3. MSF : 9 %
4. Food security bill to give right to food to what percentage of population : 67%
5. IFSC Code : Indian Financial System Code
6. One question related to BSBDA
7. GDP in first quater of 2013-14 : 4.4 %
8. One question related to NABARD on Micro Finance
9. Prime Minister of Bhutan : Tshering Tobgay
10. India announced an aid of 5000 Cr to Bhutan.
11. One question related to Agricultural Loan
12. Tata coming up with which foriegn airline in Aviation : Singapore Airlines
13. 2020 Olympics to be hed at : Tokyo Japan
14. According to US Reports Which Chemical was used in Syria's attack : Sarin
15. Geeta Phogat : Wrestler
16. Who bought Nokia : Microsoft
17. Headquaters of all women bank : Delhi
18. Indian Institute of film situated at: Pune
19. Pranav Mukharjee suggeste reconstruction of which University in Last Budget : Nalanda University
20. BTM Stands for : Banking Through Mobile
21. National Award Winner bengali film director who died recently : Rituparno Ghosh
22. RBI announced to launch plastic notes of : 10 Rs
23. Banking Ombudsman Scheme issued by : RBI
24. Janpith Award 2012 : Ravuri Bhardwaj  ( Telgu Writer )
25. Committee Suggested on Customer Service : Damodaran Committee
26. How much max. money is allowed by the RBI to take abroad : Rs.10,000
27. Head Quarters of Women Bank to be situated at : New Delhi
28 : Committee head who Reviewed Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises  : VK SHARMA

I wish All the best of all the students waiting for their PO Exam , will be interesting to see the difficulty level of upcoming exams.

Review shared by Saurav Ranu

Questions Asked in Today's (19-10-2013) IBPS PO Exam

Hi Friends, I appeared for IBPS PO exam held today in the evening shift.
Here are some qutions from GK that i remember.
1. Geeta Phogat related to which game
2. Full form of IFSC
3. BTM stands for ___
4.PM of Bhutan
5. Prez of Pakistan
6. Bangoli director died--rituparno ghosh
7. Qustion on Janpith award
8. Banking Ombudsman issued by
9.current SLR
10.2020 olympic will be in which country
12. RBI is going to issue plastic note of ________ rupees (10,100,5,20)
13. Indian Institute of Film ia situated at?
14. which program has changed to "swarnajyanti rojgar yojna"
15. Prenav Mukharjee recommended reconstruction of which university
16. Qustion on Medium industry..i dont remember exactly
17.chemical name in sryia attack

All the Best Guys :)

Questions shared by Geeta Bisht

Hearty thanks to Saurav and Geeta for their reviews. We wish them great success in their exam. All the Best :)
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  1. Yes agreed completely with above review !! very difficult paper and very time consuming especially English Passage too hard. the best part of paper is Computer knowledge Questions, very easy and can answer 15-18 easily .

  2. Yeah, the difficulty level was pretty high in the evening session compared to the morning session (as per the questions posted by our friends)...i could complete only 99 out of 200 questions....questions were long, difficult and time consuming....after writing the rrb po exam, the difficulty level seemed to be atleast double....(rbi scale b seemed much easier than this)....hope IBPS has a way to generalise marks based on the dificulty level........special focus needs to be given to the rbi's sept 2013 policy/quartely rvw for the coming exams...focus on banking is must as 50-55% ques in GA are related to banking/economic sector...all the best guys and share your attempts


  4. IBPS PO Exam Evening Shift Questions- Exam held
    on 19.10.2013
    1. Who is the new president of Pakistan?-
    Mamnoon Hussain
    2. Geeta Phogat is related to which game?-
    3. Full form of IFSC?- Indian Financial System
    4. What is the current SLR?- 23%(w.e.f.
    5. BTM stands for?- Business Transaction
    6. Name the Prime Minister of Bhutan?- Tshering
    7. Name the Bengali film Director who died
    recently?- Rituparno Ghosh
    8. Which program has been changed to new name
    "swarnajyanti rojgar yojna"?
    9. One questions related to Janpith award
    10. Banking Ombudsman issued by?
    11. Which country will be hosting the 2020 Olympic
    Games?- Japan
    12. RBI is going to issue plastic note of ________
    rupees (Options: 10,100,5,20 i think)
    13. Among BSE and NIFTY which has been
    established first in India?
    14. Film and Television Institute of India is situated
    15. Name the chemical used in Syria attack?-
    16. Where is the head quarters of Bharathiya
    Mahila Bank, the first all women bank in India?-
    New Delhi
    17. Prime Minister's key economic adviser C
    Rangarajan lowered the growth forecast for the
    current fiscal to ......... per cent?- 5.3%
    18. One Question related to Medium industry
    19. Current Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)?- 9.5
    per cent
    20. Relating to Insight Trading...
    21. BSBDA limit?
    22. RIDF maintained by?-NABARD
    23. what is FACTORING?
    24. Food security bill how much percent people
    benefited - 67%
    25. Who won Janpith award 2012?- Ravuri
    26. NOKIA was recently acquired by? - MICROSOFT
    27. PMEAC report india's growth rate ?

  5. Hey, from my experience i would like to tell you one thing. Please preapare the GK of last month. ie. If your exam is on October, prepare Sept's GK well. If it's on November, prepare October GK well.

  6. Yeah... the paper was very difficult. I was so confident in apti but couldn't attend much questions. I attempted only 106.. very much disappointed :(
    And I would like to add one more question to GA.. Question was R.Chandrashekhar has recently been appointed as the Chairman of?
    Two options were NASSCOM but with different full forms.
    NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies)
    and NASSCOM (National Alliance of Software and Services Companies)..
    The first one is right... mine was correct :)

  7. i have a quiestion. will any one can say plz ,was there any non verval (figure) quiestion in resoning section on 19th oct. morning or evenn. shift in po exam?

  8. please state some maths questions so we can get idea about it

  9. Exam was difficult should conc. on last 10 ques in english section .it's lot easy. But aptitude was bit difficult, was not expected though. I don't know whether all exams will be of such difficulty level coz if they are not then people who had their paper on 19th 'll suffer

  10. friends thanks for the valuable info & sharing ur experiences.
    please try to upload pdf format or word format of yesterdays and today's Po's exam paper so that we can download it &
    use it for our preparation.

  11. 13. BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) is established first in india that is in 1855 and NIFTY in 1990.

  12. 13.BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) is the oldest one among two as it was established in the year 1855 but NIFTY is established in 19990.

  13. i attempted 128 questions i am sure that 118 are correct can i expect that i can through the written test

  14. i had attempted 129, i think 119 are correct so that can i clear the written test

  15. thank u soo much but for BTM i wanna know the correct answer......the members given 2 different abbreviations both my be true but in this field which is the right one BANKING THROUGH MOBILE and BUSSINESS TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT

  16. 20th evening session paper was not different from that of 19th....DI was very time consuming...reasoning selection criteria was there...then inequality,sylogisms were very lengthy....the question part itself carries 4 sentences and conclusion also four parts...and then options like only 1,all follows,nonefollows like that....GA and computer was okay...then english was really tough with two passages...

  17. I attempt 29 questions, in which about 25 is correct.
    GK was easy than other section.

  18. Grt Work .Please let me know about the timing of evening session whats the exact time whem exam will start

  19. Bhandari Hello admin grt work by you . Please confirm me about the timing when the evening exam of IBPS po will start on 26.10.2013

  20. reviews for the exam held on 26 oct 13 afternoon session
    difficulty level of today`s exam was above expected level here is the review about every subject
    maths-very time cosuming try to find easy di part it consist in four parts means 20 question two di was easy one is very difficult and one is of moderate level the di part was not tricky but more calculative and question was around 10 from each chapter 5 question for inequality and 5 of numer series that was very time consuming my suggestion for future aspirants that practice more on maths on calculation part and practice more on difficult to difficult di
    reasoning-this part was relatively easy but u can not attend more than 35 as it was time consuming there was one input very tough,syllolism very easy,inequality,puzzle was like this -a circle in that one is facing centre and other seven were facing outside
    eng- easy but lengthy
    gk- it was moderate as many new unseen question were there
    computer was easy so my suggestion go to touch 25 25 each in maths and reasoning and attend else stongly



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