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October 20, 2013

IBPS PO Online Exam Reviews - Held on 20.10.2013 ( Sunday - Evening Session)


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Review Shared by Sneha Nagendran  
Hey guys! I had evening shift (20.10.2013, Sunday). I don't have much experience since am attending these kinda exams for the first time and i started my preparations just 15 days before!
The question paper was lengthy and tough .

I would rate Reasoning, Computer section and GK section as easy compared to Quants and English. It must be a piece of cake for those who read papers regularly (Business section in "THE HINDU") and pls do refer for GK.
Majority of the questions were about Economy and decisions made by RBI. Please be thorough with current affairs of past three months.
I really don't know what should i say about English part- "the toughest". It was very confusing .I almost forgot all the alphabets.
Quants questions were easy but time consuming . No approximation. No simplifications! Three set of Data interpretations, Number series and many statement sums ( concentrate on Tank sums,Train sums,Profit and loss,Interest) .

            Do not get tensed and take a chance of marking wrong options. Improving your analyzing skills and  calculations faster is the only way to clear the Exam! All the best !

Review Shared by Neha Bhandari
Today's evening shift was not such tough but it was very time consuming.
only 2 hours are given and paper was vey was hard to attempt.
Reasoning section was quite easy then other one. puzzle was very very easy and machine input was also very easy.
inequalities is also easy but syllog was little confusig as tricky language is used.
course of action and data sufficency question are easy.
but maths section was very tough.D.I questions are very lengthy.
even full maths section is very hard.
English was again very time consuming and puzzling.but better than maths.
General knowledge section was not such tough but its not such easy.
more considertaion is given to banking awareness.current affairs's questons was only 5 or 6.
Computer was easiest of all.
hope my review helps you in preparayion..thnks.:))

Review Shared by Tejas Khopkar
I have attempted ibps exam today on 20 oct. Compare to last year difficulty level was  more. And again time mngt is big issue, i do not understand when difficulty level is that hard, how can one give answers within one minute. My section wise review is follows
Reasoning - this section as usual time consuming and lengthy but that difficult. I had managed only 29 questions. Follow last year paper pattern, becoz it was same.
Quantitative - compare to last year, this paper was at par. DI section was good but you have to give additional time
English - if last year's paper was son, then this year it is was father of that son. Passages were hard. You need strong vacabulry to attempt this section. Give focus more on vocab.
Computer - easiest compare to other sections. If you are good with basics and full forms, excel etc then you can easily get 17 marks or even 20.
GA and BA - this section was hugely cover with economical, rbi, new appointments like president etc. Even if we prepare last 2 months updates you can score good marks. In the end they asked simple que on films like bhag milkha, khel ratna etc. But I did not attempted much due less time. It was my fault that I attemted it at last within 11 minutes

Overall if our preparation is great then there is scope.

Questions shared by Hina Verma

Exam held on 20 oct, Evening session

1)which is the rate that Rbi changes in this 20 september..
bank rate,bslr,crr,msf.(i think bank rate)
2)who is the richest indian in world 6 times continuosly( i think mukesh ambani)
a)mukesh b)ratan tata c)lakshmi mittal 4)sonia gandhi
3)rtgs me minimun transaction
4)pension given to those people who are suffered from mujjafapur riots
come under which scheme?
a)swamblamban b)ranilakshmibai pension scheme
c)indira ghandhi pension scheme d)rajeev gandhipension scheme.
5)CEO of apple
6)banks can give their fcnr(B) to rbi at which rate??
a)3% b)4.5% c)2% d)4%
7)full form of reer
8)headquarter of wto?
9)the process of making blackmoney white(money laundering)
10)Electricity bill in india is collected by which authority?
11)when there is a difference between govt. expernditure including tax on borrowing minus govt. income it is known as?
a)primary deficit b)trade deficit c)fiscal deficit d)cad
12)interational women day
13)the center of which of the banksisnot in mumbai..4 options
14)minimum amount of rtgs transaction
15)atm without the label of any bank(white label atms)
16)name of scheme for 50% sc of punjab
17)import duty on gold
18)Barual is the capital of?
19)If a NRI wants to deal in indian market ,he can do so by (participatory notes)
20)lead role in bhaag milkha bhaag
21)investing in more than share of one company to minimise risk is known as?
24)adjustments done by centarl bank of a country to control money is called?(monetary policy)
25)currents sex ratio(2011)
26)governemnt is planning to  deinvestment in which company to raise money?i think ongc
27)grey revolution is related to which field?two of the options were pertolium and polutry
28)trading of a public company's stock or other securities such as bonds or stock options by individuals with access to non-public information(insider trading)
29)hassan rouhani is the PM of?
30)according to basel 2, norms what is a supplementry capital?
31) one question on bse(Bombay stock exchange)
32)ranjan sodhi is associated with which game.

Questions shared by Sowjanya Karu
  • WTO head quater?
  • Zimbambe president?
  • Ranjan sodhi related to which sport?
  • International womens day?
  • Gren revolution related to?
  • Bhag milka hero ?
  • Apple ceo?
  • Full form of gaar?
  • Reer?
    In computer ful form of lmp? isdn?tcp/ip?

We thank  Sneha Nagendran, Neha Bhandari, Hina Verma and Tejas Khopkar for their help. We wish them great success in their exam. 
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  1. thanx guys it will be of great help

  2. Thank you for sharing such valuable review

  3. i wrote d evng session f ibps 2day.. i wonder whethr its a Bank exam or CAT exam.. GA n Computers sections were normal only.. 2 RC in english s quite hectic.. Reasoning was time consuming.. 4 stmt syllogism, decision making, 12 step input output - all time consuming topics in Reasoning... QA f 2day s d toughest, again in terms f time consuming.. though am gud in Maths, cudnt do mind calculations for many.. all 4 DI had heavy calculations.. Bar diagram in a DI was not clear bcoz evn minor scale s measured there.. A paragraph based DI related to usage f Laptops , Desktops was vauge.. attempted 113 Questions(Reasoning - 32, English - 21, Quants - 20, GA - 24, Computers - 16) , yet not satisfied.. considering d difficulty level, hope d cut off ll b very low tis tym.. if dey maintain d same cut off like previous years, i dont think many wud clear tis ibps... am in GEN category n i don kno whethr i stand a chance 2 get thru for interview tis tym..

  4. Definitely your review will help the future aspirants. tnxs

  5. Definitely your review will help the future aspirants. tnxs

  6. is there minimum qualifying marks in each subjects/sections like (quants,reasioning,english,gk,computer) in ibps po exam?

    1. yes there is ;) for the previous year the cut of is 21 this time it may be low because of toughest level is more than previous exam ;)
      Try to score 21 in maths and resoning ;) 18 in english and gk ;) and 12 in computer this may be the cut off ;) hope this time cutoff is less ;) i am mentioning this to take a little high score.

  7. Hello Everyone,

    I m SUMIT, from INDORE (M.P.)

    I had evening slot.....

    To be true this was the worst paper I had ever faced.

    First of all they made every candidate to wait for one hour & exam started at 2:30pm....

    I had a strategy regarding how much time to give in each section (while solving it was like BABA JI KA THULLU)

    I started with reasoning it was going well but consumed much of my time,

    Then switched to English, swear to God i felt shame on being a English medium student after reading those comprehensions & questions (I was like what the hell author is asking)

    Then did Maths which was totally from other planet & so calculative, I lost trail of time.

    When it was only 47 mins remaining I jumped to G.K. section (for this I can say I have my GK section the strongest one) then computer....

    Overall I did 142 questions but still came out with depressed mind becoz,

    MATHS- 20


    ENGLISH- 31

    GK- 35

    COMPUTER- 18

    Total- 142

    Even If i will clear every section, maths section will mess-up with my sectional because two questions in Maths I marked guessed answer (nearby)

    Anyways, for candidates who have still time to appear, focus on following things-



    G.K.- CAPSULE (From Bankers Adda, Gr8ambitionz, Banking awareness )WILL HELP FOR AT LEAST 25-30 questions easily, Rest cover every scheme, sports winner (national & international). RBI core functions, Some HEADS of International Financial Organizations not covered by any of these sites.

    ENGLISH- Depend on your capability of fast reading, understanding & vocabulary.

    COMPUTER- KIRAN'S COMPUTER OBJECTIVE BOOK & questions from Bankers adda daily COMPUTE QUIZ helped me there.

    So all the very best brothers & sisters. I don't know what my result will be, but honestly paper was hard, tough & excessive time taking.

    If anyone want to ask more. will surely help.

    1. hey thanks for review can you tell me what sort of qtns were there in DI section

  8. can anyone tell me how much question is asked from networking and ms office in computer section ???????

    1. dude dont worry of computer section they asking basic things like dot matrix printer, pixcel used for and scanner not used for , abrvtn of tcp/ip , connecting of system all the global internet, and movie run by media player, 2 question will be new nothing to worry in this section and gk ;)

  9. whats the timing of exam to start in evening session

  10. pls tell me what type of questions were asked in inequalities (quantitative aptitude) ?
    Thanks in advance...

  11. i think the cut off will be 85 to 95 in ibps po 2013
    reasoning 21-22
    maths 21-22
    english 12-14
    computer 10-13
    ga 21-24


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