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October 24, 2013

Federal Bank PO Exam Review - Jisha G Nair

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Friends, I had attended Federal Bank PO Exam on 19th October, was a bit busy that i couldn't share the review immediately. Here goes my review.

My reporting time was 8 am,and exam started on 9:30 am only. There were problems like some people started at 9:30 am...some at 9:45 am etc..Those who started late was given extra time. There was a sample test, to make us familiar with the pattern of the exam.
English was tough compared to other bank exams,especially comprehension.Most of the questions were based on this.There will paragraph completion,but questions were randomly.Overall english section was tough.But there was no new type of questions.

Computer Awareness
A candidate who was computer background  will make all correct..:D...there were questions from VB etc....Overall it was easy(for people who aims to make at least 12-15 correct,and sorry,if u want 20 out of 20).

General Awareness
It was not 50-50 banking awareness and current affairs...only a very few questions from current affairs,rest all was from banking awareness.It was easy,for who has a good command over banking awareness.

One of the easiest section.No new types of questions other than expected.Lengthy seating arrangements.Also there were no non-verbal reasoning.

Quantitative aptitude
Easy but lengthy.More focus on DI.I don't remember any simplification questions.It needs more time.

Overall it was good,but the madam who was in charge of the exam was very hurry to make us finish....and all were fast and maths calculations went wrong for many. All the best !!!

Jisha G Nair

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