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September 19, 2013

IB ACIO Exam Review - Jisha G Nair

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Friends, here is the review of Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officers (IB ACIO) Exam which was held on 15th September 2013. This review was shared by our friend Jisha G Nair of Kerala. We thank her on behalf of our readers and team members for her motivational and detailed review. We wish her great success in this exam. Read her review in her own words.
Dear Friends,

       First of all let me tell you one thing that,if you are going for exams like IB ACIO,AFCAT etc.then there is no 'specific' and 'detailed' syllabus for these exams.The question pattern and weightage of different type of questions changes.No need to be must analyse previous papers but prepare from every topic.

Coming to IB ACIO EXAM,the exam has 2 papers/parts viz:100 MCQs and an English descriptive part.The 100 MCQs are from Maths,Reasoning and GK..but..this time they asked 10 questions from english(idioms/phrases meanings,sentence correction etc,which was a surprise for at least some candidates).There is no sectional cutoff or section wise weightage.This time they asked about 20 questions both from Maths and Reasoning(that too not 10+10..:D)..10 from english and rest were GK.Part 2,this time also had only essay for 50 marks(but you may expect letter writing,precis writing etc in future).

Maths and Reasoning

Following the last time pattern,a bit,maths had questions from Permutations and Combinations.Other questions were from Time-Distance-Speed,Percentage,Days-Dates-Calender,No. series,filling the missing number etc.

Reasoning section was easy :D...there were questions from blood relations,seating arrangements,alphabet series,direction sense etc.There were no Non-verbal reasoning.

These were like 1 or 2 questions from each topic.

General Knowledge

It is the challenge...:P...The paper was focusing on World History much(there were questions from world history last time also..this time they asked more on this).Other questions were from Indian Polity and Constitution,Indian History,General Science,Computers,Economics(:D..both static and current,(but it was a expected by at least a few candidates).And at last comes our friend,the Current new questions...:D

Friends,the pattern followed by IB till last year for GK was,the location of famous sites,nicknames of famous personalities,inventors and their inventions etc...but this time it changed.

Also IB asks in an unusual way,as felt by a few candidates.For eg.

In general we expect questions on badminton player P.V Sindhu's Bronze medal victory as :

Who is the first Indian Badminton player to win bronze medal in world championships ?
P.V Sindhu is associated with which sport ?
Which medal did P.V Sindhu won ?
Whom did P.V Sindhu beat to win bronze medal ?

and so on.........But IB asks(i.e asked this time) like this....
Where was the  World Badminton Championships 2013,in which P.V Sindhu won a bronze medal,held ?


There was no comprehension.Questions were from idioms/phrases,sentence completion,sentence correction etc.

Then coming to the next part...

Paper/Part 2- Essay !
This time also,there were nothing except essay in descriptive paper.It is 400 words essay,for 50 marks.The topics were :
1.A Communal Conflict Scenario.
2.Causes of Violence in the World.
3.Divide Between 'India' and 'Bharat'.
4.Dimensions of Rural Employment.

For essay,an average reader will be able to write at least 2 essays well.I wrote essay on Dimensions of Rural Employment.
Overall,Part 1 of the exam was tough,except those who are perparing for CAPF ACs,Civil Services etc.Part 2 was easy.

All the Best 

Jisha G Nair
Restless - Optimist
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