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July 20, 2013

Review of RBI Assistants Exam Held on 20th July 2013 - Bhakthi Huddar


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Friends, here is the review of today's (20/07/2013) RBI Assistants Exam shared by Bhakthi Huddar. We are very thankful to her for here valuable support and concern. We wish her great success in her exam. 

The overall paper was very easy. Not that much tough as people are expecting (ofcourse, after the bitter experience of NICL Assistants Exam. The pattern was almost similar to last year's). Paper was scoring, but Apti section was little time consuming. Obviously the cutoffs will be high this time. Here is the sectional wise analysis.

Numarical Ability (Aptitude) :
One question on probability: two dies are thrown, find probability, sum is divisible by four area: circumference of circle is given,calculate perimeter of squre if the side of squre is three times diameter of circle.
Number series
Input output arrengement
Simplification (this part consists of decimals so consumed more time to calculate).

Seating arrangement (Circular one)
Syllogism questions
coding decoding
blood relation
data sufficiency
from A to Z series find out which will next.
Input output
Statement and Conclusion
Mathematical Operations

Computer knoeledge:
more questions on Microsoft office 2007,
data files, operating system
.doc :document file   ::  ? : powerpoint
Very basic questions from this section

General Awareness :
Questions are as Expected. They mainly concentrated on Banking related issues).

English Language :
This section is also similar to normal bank clerical exam. Maximum questions came from choosing the correct word for the given blank. 
Reading comprehension was very easy. 
Synonyms and Antonyms 
Finding the error
Sentence Rearrangement

Bottom Line :
As we have already said, the paper was very easy. So obviously the cutoffs will be high this time. So don't just try to qualify in each section. Try to get good marks. All The Best :)


  1. thank you bhakthi huddar.... :)

  2. Thank u and its very useful to me because i'm going to write exam on 28

  3. can you share some questions in GA

    1. hello frnd !! questions i remember ! who is the chairman of 14th commision! ans yv reddy
      current repo rate.-7.25
      wht is the scheme wch is launched roshini related to-
      which tyre cmpany ws owned by appolo..
      more is related 2 banking awareness i would say!!

  4. no prob....tke ur time....

  5. gk section me current ke quesn b the ya sirf banking thi
    or computer me questn level kya tha plz reply

    1. Please provide more info about GA and QA

    2. Banking ke question jayada the, mostly related to RBI. and Apti part was very lengthy.

  6. thank u and plz post GA and COMP

  7. mammmmm u r backkkkk !!!! thank god !! nd thnx for sharing :))

  8. please tell about gk section questions...what were the questions?? please give us some idea..

  9. ga part consist of current affairs
    or bamnking terms

  10. Would you mind sharing some GK questions?

  11. Would you mind sharing some GK questions?

  12. Hemalatha SenthilkumarJuly 20, 2013 at 7:09 PM

    Can u pls upload the paper held on 20th july.

  13. wat type of questions asked in gk .. 2mrw i've exam... plz reply

  14. Thank you very much bhakthi huddar, if possible then please share some G.A questions or the topic of the questions. Thanks in advance......

  15. I'm afraid, as usual. But thanks for your help and thanks to gr8 Team!

  16. pls provide some question on current affairs

  17. Anyone prepering 4 RBI grad b officer plz tell me which book useful for economy current affairs ...plz

  18. yup...paper was easy but apt was really time gk ques were like wat r zero coupoun bonds,ques frm n all..over all i attempted 140..lacked behind coz of calculations...

  19. Mam plz give material for RBI b grad officer specially for gk section .plz...

  20. What cut off can we expect this yr , for General ?

  21. Please give section wise expected cut off for RBI for GENERAL ASAP...

  22. some ga questn that i remember...
    Isro headoffc
    on bharat nirman scheme
    winner of french open
    best actor oscar
    how money depriciation gold prices
    how much subsidy undr food security bill
    thats all i remember...may it'll help..

  23. thank you bhakthi huddar it will help me a lot as i have an exam tommorrow please share gk

    1. hi .

      can you plz update with questions of exam held on 21st

  24. the banking awareness portion was too tough..plz provide me sufficient material regarding this in pdf format..

  25. please dont comment in hindi.. use english please, so every one understand..

  26. Can u give us the type of question of ga & computer.

  27. what is the USB in bank terminology?

    1. Not sure what the options given options were. It may be Union Savings bank.

  28. Hiiii guys......RBI clerk held on 20/06/2013..No doubt paper was easy.but frankly speaking it looked easy bt it was very lenghty.......aptitude looked easy bt simplification was tough...Gk was not so easy like it was last year...other sections were quit easy.......last time cutt of 162 bt this time it will be less bcoz candidates are nt able to do more than 170 to 175 ques.all the best...


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