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July 17, 2013

New Bank Rate and MSF are 10.25%


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In a move to stem the continuing fall of rupee, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised in short-term rates with effect from July 15, 2013.  It will help to restore stability to the foreign exchange market .  Last week the Indian currency touched an all-time low of 61.21 vis-a-vis USD. The Reserve Bank of India had not stepped in to curb rupee fall initially, but after a meeting with the government decided to raise the marginal standing facility or MSF along with Bank Rates. So, the RBI has raised Bank Rate to 10.25% from 8.25%. In result the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate also raised to 10.25%. Remaining rates will be unchanged. This will be an indirect rate hike and will reduce the pressure on the rupee. 

Check Current Rates of RBI from here


  1. plz be updated with daily current affairs


  2. what is a difference between bank rate and marginal standing facility rate?

    1. Dear bank rate is the Rate pf intrest on the loan that banks takes from rbi for an overnight(short duration)...MSF is marginal standing facility or the money borrowed by banks from rbi to maintaiin the required may be a daily routine...

    2. U have reversed the answer which is the other way around.


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