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July 29, 2013

Rbi Asistants Exam held on 27th july 2013-Morning shift

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Friends, here are the reviews of RBI Assistants Exam held on 27th July 2013 shared by Pramoda Talla and Anupam Das. We are very thankful to them for their valuable support.

Review shared by Pramoda Talla

The paper was easy.numerical ability is time consuming and general awareness is not only from current affairs.They asked more from banking background but in a twisted way.English and reasoning section very easy.Last but not Least,in any of the questions we do not find "none of these" be careful in calculations.

Numerical Ability

one question on probability:a bag has 3 black balls and 4 red balls.3 balls are thrown random,wht is the probability that both are red.
one question from areas section:area of square is given.length is half of square and breadth is half of length.find twice the perimeter of rectangle.
2 questions on series to find the next number.Lot of simplification problems(square roots of numbers with 4 digits and  numbers with 6 digits,squares of a number and BODMAS)

Reasoning :

seating arrangement one(very easy)
syllogism also easy
coding and decoding
Input and output arrangement(very long)
Data sufficiency
group reasoning(like i,j,k,l,m,n and o are names of a person and they live on room numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and live in different countries like japan,korea etc and gives a paragragh where we will come to knw some conclusions.based on this questions are given)
One word is given(for example Democracy).Vowels are replaced by next letter in the alphabet series and consonants are replaced by previous letter and made in alphabetical order.the the middle word is)

Computer Knowledge

10 questions  only on excel 2007,basic questions.....

General Awareness:

1.fiscal deficit percentage GDP for 2013 year
2.Large milk producing country
3.who topped crude oil import from Nigeria
4.FIFA 2013 winner
5.which bank was fined in money laundering case recently
6.poland currency of my music my life
8.current bank rate
9.maximum crr limit
10.SAARC Headquarters
11.national award for best film 2013
12.RBI issued plastic notes of ------- rupees
13.deficit budget means
14.Women self groups funds maintained by whom
15.RBI issued white label ATM's to how many companies
16.Literacy Day celebrated on
17.Which of these is not stock exchange 1)mcx 2)mcx-sx 3)nse 4)nse-x
18.jeevan anand,jeevan jyothi are schmes of which company
19.Defense under control by
20)Nobel Prize for economics won by

Review shared by Anupam Das

Hello friends I am Anupam Das, from Assam. I have attended RBI assistant exam today (27/7/13) morning shift. Overall the paper was easy except the Numerical ability part. It contain problems on decimal. English section was very easy. but my dear friends before appearing the exam don't forget to pray god for a better internet connection, we've suffered a lot today for this.  I want to share some questions from current affair section-
1. Bank rate
2. winner of confederation cup 13         3. world literacy day
4. SAARC  headquarter
5. how many white label atm s will be open
6. one question form books and author
7. one question on NEFT
Hope these all will help you.... All the best guys... :)

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