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July 29, 2013

Experience of RBI Assisiant exam held on 28/07/2013 Afternoon Session


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Friends, here are the reviews of RBI Assistants Exam held on 28th July 2013 shared by Indu Bala Gangwal and Santhosh Kumar. We than them for their contribution.

Review shared by Indu Bala Gangwal

Overall paper was Moderate,Strict Time Management require with so much of mental energy......enjoyed my exam attempted 161questions out of 200.

Very easy I have attempted all 40 questions.

Clooze test-10 question,Paragraph -10 questions,jumble sentense-5 questions, sentence correction-10 questions,.....

Moderate- I have attempted-39 questions.

Moderate- I have attempted-28 questions.

Data sufficiency- 5 questions, 7 person in diff months use diff car(Indica, Swift,...)- 5 questions,Seating arrangement-5 questions,Syllogism- 5 questions,Input output arrangement-5 questions,Coding- 5 questions,Comparison- 5 questions," earn good money"-"sa re ri"- likethis-5 questions, Other 5 questions

Numerical Ability-attempted 21 questions running short of time...choose easy question which need less calculations.
Require very very fast calculations, should be very fast specially with squares, cubes, cuberoot, squaroot and multiplications.

General Awareness- I have attempted 33 questions..
1) Who is the Directer of recently released movie on Sportsman "Milkha Singh"?(Rakeshomprakash Mehra)
2) Dadasaheb phalke award- 2013 reciepient?(Pran)
3) At which limit there is no income tax(0, 2 lac, 3 lac, 4lac, 5lac)
4) World Economic Forum 2013 meeting held at?(Geneva, Switzerland, US,..)
5) Which two country having currency "Indian Rupee"?(combination of these country Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives)
6) Which country recently included in European union?(Finland, Sweden,...)
7) Dilma Rouseff is?(President of Brazil, China, Russia,...)
8) Name of interest rate at which Federal Bank give money to other bank(likethis)?
9) When rupee decline, increase in cost of studying abroad result in(option like increase interest rate on study loan, this)
10) Value added tax in Goods & service tax recently given new name?
11) Which bank headquarter is in KOLKATA?(PNB, Corporation Bank, Indian Bank,...)
12) As per new law for license of New private bank how much capital should have?(50, 100, 200,500 crore)
13) Banking ombudsman scheme is not applicable for?(RRB, non scedule commercial bank, psb, New Private bank, Old private bank..)
14) World population day?(11 july)
15) FIPB full form?
16) As per ... commitee GDP% of india duing 2012-13?(5,6,7,8)
17) "Bangalore Tiger" referred to?(Wipro, Infosys, Flippkart, UB group,Narayan..)
18) June 2013 Commitee headed by FM P. Chidambaram for which issue or target..?(like for education, some financial,...)
19) A contract for delievering goods called?
20) NREGA launched in which year?(2005,2006,2007,2008,2009)
21) IRDA headquarter?(Kolkata, Bangaluru, Hyderabad,)
22) Central bank, loan, financial loss...likethis?
23) Present available other than helping menu when purchasing things?(cd, dvd,...)
24) Direct cash transfer in account scheme name?
25) Mission of Global Index Report- 2013...?
26) In a year maximum transaction......lac?
27) Which is not true regarding SEBI work?
28) Fiscal deficit related?
29) which company is not a direct selling company?(Walmart,.......)

Thats all i remember my friends,

Thank You,
Indu Bala Gangwal, Bangaluru

Review shared by Santosh Kumar

Today's exam was too lengthy,too much time consuming.
Numerical ability : It was easy but too lenghty .All simplication problems .
English : Too easy
Current affairs : 80% banking
Computers : Too easy,4-5 questions from word ,and 2-3 questions from excel
Logical reasoning : I didnt get time to solve basic circular arrangement problems as it was a lil tough ,may be due to scarcity of time

santosh kumar


  1. very good memory indu bala...

  2. What a memory indu.. I understand how you attempt the more questions in difficult paper.. You are a well educated person not a well trained person. All the best.

    Rajesh sunnam

  3. I was able to attempt 171 satisfactorly...after that i ticked abruptly.

  4. some other questions are:
    1.who is next foreign secretory of india announced by dr. manmohan singh in july?(sujatha singh)
    2. GOI approved which policy for cyber attacks?(national policy of cyber security 2013)
    3. when market position tightens in countries their central banks sell governments securities.what do we call this ??
    4. when goverment is not allowed to interfere in private transactions.this is an economic term.what do we call it? (laissez faire)

  5. Thank Friends for your Reviews...


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