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July 29, 2013

Parts of Computer System


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Friends, what are the names come to your mind when we ask to tell the parts of computers? Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case / CPU and Power Cord right? But technically speaking  computer has only Two parts. These two types of parts  are essential to work together to make it run. Those are,
  1. Hardware (all the above mentioned parts come under this category)
  2. Software (list of instructions)
Now lets have a detailed look,

Hardware : It Refers to the physical components of a computer system. Examples of hardware are keyboard, monitor, hard disk, floppy disk, mouse, microprocessor etc.

Software : The software is the set of instructions (called programs) written for a computer to perform a particular task. Generally, software is written in any one of the computer languages (c, c++, Java etc). The software can be classified as two types. Those are,
  1. System Software and  
  2. Application Software.
System Software : It refers to a collection of programs which provides vital services to the users and makes the computer user friendly. In simple words it works as a mediator between the computer and the user.
Examples : Operating Systems and Compilers.

Application Software : It refers to the programs usually written by programmers for performing their desired tasks.
Examples : Email, Games etc

Logically computer needs two things to perform / work. Those are Data and User.

Data : The data consists raw facts, these facts transform into information after processing by a computer. This data can be test, sound and video. This data will be stored in digital form (1s and 0s) in computer. The organized data is called as a file.

User : The person who works with computer. Users are ultimate beneficiaries of a computer system so we cant even imagine a computer without an user. We can classify them into two types. Those are,
  1. Computer Professionals : Those people who write programs and develop software (Software Engineers).
  2. End Users : The end user is the individual who uses the computer after it has been fully developed. All of us are end users. We use computer to post on our blog. You use your computer to read those posts. 
Important Note : The software which is permanently stored in memory (ex ROM) which performs some of the hardware functions is called Firmware.

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about Hardware and Softwares in detail. Happy Reading :)


  1. mam im non computer student plz give this information in pdf...

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