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July 15, 2013

IBPS (SO) Agriculture Field Officer Interview Experience - Mangesh Gaikwad


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Name - Mangesh Gaikwad.

Post - Agriculture Field Officer.

Interview Date - 28 may 2013

Venue - Mumbai

Reporting Time - 8.30 A.M.

 I reached the venue at 8 am. The verification process started at 9 am and it last upto 9.45 am. I was the 7th person in the list. My turm came at 11.15 AM.   I just asked "May I come in" by slowly opening the door. There were five persons in the panel. A lady and four gentle men .They were very cool.

I wished everyone good morning...

Questions asked in my IBPS (SO) Agriculture Field Officer Interview were...

M1. Tell me about ureself..
M2. U completed ur graduation at age of 25 why did u took that much time.(i was expecting this question bcoz i got 3 yrs for my 12th because of my family problems and 1 year gap so i told them the truth...)
M1. Have u ever given any interview this or any exam before..?
M2. Tell us about CRR, SLR and Bank Rate, Rapo and Reverse Repo rates..?(actually they are checking my confidence level by confusing me but i gave the right ans so they passed to next..)
(M3 and M4 are may be from Agriculture field)
M3. What are the duties of Agricultural field officer..?
M3. How will you judge the loan proposal for livestock...?
M4. Tell me about the varieties of strawberry (they asked it because my hometown is Satara ,but i don't remember the varieties so i said i don't know)
M4. Ok then tell its management practices...?
M4. They ask about my universities main crops ( i said sugarcane,
soyabean M4 interrupted me...)
M4. What is soyabeans protein and oil content..?
L5. What is plastic money...?( the lady asked only one question..)

 I know it was my 1st interview and i was little tensed but yet I got good marks and i got selected for Central Bank of India..  Hope my experience will help u friends I have not found any Agriculture field officer interview in this blog, so i wanted to share with my friends here and Gr8ambitionz has given a nice platform thanks a lot and best of luck.

We are very thankful to Mr. Mangesh Gaikwad for his valuable Interview Experience and we wish him great success in his job. Team


  1. thank you very much..

  2. thank you very much dear.

  3. can you plz tell me whether your whole interview was in english or hindi or regional language.

  4. what was your score in written test.

  5. got selectd in agri SO 2014 for interview......thanks for ur interview's experience sharing ...

  6. Centre for exam will be where we appeared written exam or somthing else, my exam centre was GOA.PLEASE REPLY

    1. me too got selected for iinterview from goa centre. Your score?

    2. me too selected for interview from goa centre. What is your score?

  7. people share ur agriculture officer interview experience. so that it will help others

  8. Thanks for sharing this...
    Me too got selected for SO-III (Agri.) interview.......
    Your wishes need..!!



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