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June 20, 2013

Karnataka Bank Clerks Interview Experience - Prasanna Kumar. V. N


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Friends, here is the interview experience of Karnataka Bank Clerks shared by our friend Mr. V. N. Prasanna KumarIt is his first Interview. But it seems he could manage it very well and have good chances for selection. We are very thankful to him for his contribution and we wish him great success in his interview. Read his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Prasannakumar V N

Qualification : MCA

Interview Date : 17/06/2013

Time : 1 P.M

Venue : Karnataka Bank Head Office Mangalore

Hi  Everyone this is my first bank interview and i want to share my experience here.

I went venue at 12 PM and 12.40 PM they called for document verification. They told arrange certificates in order from 10th to MCA.
After verification they were Conducting interview on 2nd Floor, i went there and waited for 2 hr my turn came at 3 PM.
There were 2 members in the Interview Panel.
I opened the door and said  "May i get in please"
M1 : yes get in.
Me : Good Afternoon Sirs.
M1 & M2 : Good Afternoon Prasanna and offered the seat.
Me : Thank you sir.
M1 : Had your lunch Prasanna.
Me : Yes sir.
M1: Are you from Davangere.
Me : yes sir.
M1 : watched my bio-data he said u done B com and MCA good combination.
Me : yes sir i have computer subjects in B com so i got seat for MCA.
M1 : You are worked at Botree Software Pvt Ltd You left that then what you doing now.
Me : Sir i am working with this company for 9 months but there is no job satisfaction there and also project was delayed so, i decided to get in to banking sector and i am preparing for bank exams sir.
M1 : With smile Ho prasanna are serious about that to get in for banking sector.
Me : yes sir.
M1 : which type of banks are there in India?
Me : Public Sector and Private Sector and explain the difference.
M2 : What is Data Mining?
Me : Data Mining is a collection of data from various resources.
M2 : What is common factor between Canara Bank and Karnataka Bank
Me : I told the difference but he is asking common factor then i didn't remembered M2 only told tat both are founded from Manglore only na prasanna ha yes sir.
M1 : Hindi aata hai kya prasanna.
Me : ha sir hata hai.
M2 : What is the functions of bank?
Me : I told depositing the money from customers, lending loans to customers.
M2 : What is CD Ratio?
Me : I said sorry sir don't know about this.
M2 : What is NPA?
Me : NPA means Non Performing Assets. I explained NPA When customer took loan from bank and he/she did not paid their loan Installment or Interest on mandated date and time. After 90 days it becomes the Non Performing Asset.
he satisfied  with my answer.
M1 & M2 : ok thank you prasanna.
Me : Thank you sirs.

Both panel members were friendly & I was feeling good and confident. I don't know what would be the result but i hope for the best to happen. Be calm and confident, tell what u know properly.

Thank you friends and let me know how was my interview. All the best :) 


  1. thanks for posting experience prasanna kumar,all the there any information about po interview, vacancies .....

  2. Remember ,Karnataka Bank is in the private sector (control is by a certain family group) & with very few branches in most cities across India. Requirements are in north India.I am told by those who joined that the work load is at least twice that of nationalised banks. Apart from salary (the bank settlement) there are no benefits to outsiders who are not related to these members of the bank. If you join as officer you get transferred around India , no reimbursements on any fees , you dont have quartes & you must search your own,lot of pressure to those who work. Merit has no value . Members of a particular family dominate this bank and so outsiders get posted to nasty branches! Transfers are a nightmare
    Nationalised Banks are better to work and all employees are treat as equal no partiality. ICICI/HDFC/Axis -new generation private sector Banks give wages which are equal to effort. It is better not to join Karnataka bank. But if you do not get anywhere else join just for experience but plan other options. DONT GET STUCK IN THIS BANK WHERE MERIT HAS NO VALUE. Remember, if you join - you must aim to go to office exactly at 10 AM & Leave at 5 PM. I bet you cannot leave! LOOK before you leap. BANK BEST AVOided.


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