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May 22, 2013

Prepositions in English


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Friends, in this post we shall see some important rules of Prepositions.

Rule 1 : Across
  • Across - On the opposite side of 
    • My Cousin lives across the river.
  • Across - From one side to another
    • The boy swam across the river
  • Across - both sides
    • He threw the luggage across his shoulders
  • Come Across - means meet accidentally / suddenly
    • When I was going to market, I came across an old friend.
    • I suddenly came across him
    • I came across him.
Rule 2 : 
  • Between
    • Used for two persons / things.
    • She is sitting between munni and sheela.
  • Among
    • Used with more than two persons / things
      • The principal distributed prizes among the winners
  • Amid or Amidst 
    • Used for more than two persons / things  (groups)
      • Amid his friends 
      • It was hard to hear amid all the cheering. 
Rule 3 :
  • During - denotes duration.
    • During the war, many people suffered hardship.
    • We go to Darjeeling during summer every year.
Rule 4 :
  •  From - is used with past / future tenses.
    • I stayed there from Monday to Wednesday.
    • I will start my preparation from Monday next.
Rule 5 : 
  • Of - denotes origin / cause
    • She comes of a rich family (origin)
    • He died of Malaria (cause) but she died in an accident.
  • Off - denotes 'separation'
    • A button has come off.
    • He is off duty today.
Rule 6 : After a preposition, a pronoun under objective case should be used.
  • He depends on I.
  • He depends on me.
Rule 7 : When two words are connected by 'and / or' etc., the prepositions should be mentioned clearly to be used with them.
  • He was surprised at as well as pleased with her performance.
  • She is conscious and engaged in her work.
  • She is conscious of and engaged in her work
Rule 8 : No preposition should be used with the noun 'Home' except  when it is followed by an adjective in the possessive case, say go to home / arrive home / reach home / get home.
  • I went to his home / He went home.
  • He decided to go to Krishna's home. 
Rule 9 : After transitive verbs such as 'Discuss/Describe/reach/order/tell/demand/attach/resemble/ridicule etc. no preposition is used. The verbs directly take an object.
  •  The poet describes about the beauty of nature.
  • The poet describes the beauty of nature.
  • He ordered for two cups of tea.
  • He ordered two cups of tea.
Rule 10 : After the verbs "Say / suggest / propose / speak / explain / reply / complain / talk / listen / write" the proposition "to" should be used if any object is used.
  • He did not reply me.
  • He did not reply to me.
  • You never wrote me.
  • You never wrote to me.
  • He suggested her that she should eat less.
  • He suggested to her that she should eat less.
Rule 11 :
  • Since - Denotes point of time
  • For - denotes period of time.
  • They should be used with present tense or the present perfect continuous tense / past perfect tense / past perfect continuous tenses.
  • I know her since 2011.
  • I have known her since 2011.
  • He is working in the bank for the past 3 years.
  • He has been working in the bank for the past 3 years.
Rule 12 : After the verb "Enter" the preposition "into" should not be used except when it is used with reference to agreement or conversation.
  • He entered into the premises without any permission.
  • He entered the premises without any permission.
  • They entered a hot discussion.
  • They entered into a hot discussion.
Rule 13 :
  • Wait for - Await.
    • He is awaiting for the reply.
    • He is awaiting the reply.
  • Despite - inspite of.
    • Despite of his hard work, he failed in the examination.
    • Despite his hard work he fail3ed in the examination.
    • This book comprises of 5 chapters.
    • This book comprises of 5 chapters.
    • This book consists of 5 chapters.
Rule 14 :
  • Dispose of - Sell away.
    • He disposed off his scooter.
    • He disposed of his scooter. 


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  7. Rule 15: My teacher taught me that we should use either consists of or comprises, not comprises of

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  14. hai mam i am prepared for postal exam2014, send some tips for preparation mam

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