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May 18, 2013

Conjunctions in English - Shortcut Rules


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Friends, in this post we shall discuss some important Rules of Conjunctions.

Rule 1 : The co-relative conjunctions are used in pairs.
      1. Not only - but also
      2. Either - or
      3. Neither - nor
      4. Both - and
      5. Though - yet
      6. Whether - or
Please see that the pair is properly used.
  • They will either do the work else return the money.
  • They will either do the work or return the money.
    conjunction exercises
  • Both kumar as well as Ravi must finish it.
  • Both kumar and Ravi must finish it.
  • Not only does he read but also writes.
  • Though he is rich but he is economical.
  • Though he is rich yet he is economical.
Rule 2 : After the adverbs "Hardly / Scarcely", the conjunction 'when or before' should be used.
  • Hardly had he left the place than the Bomb exploded.
  • Hardly had he left the place when the Bomb exploded.
Rule 3 : After 'Rather / Other, the subordinating conjunction 'Than should be used.
  • He has no other object but to get a handsome job.
  • He has no other object than to get a handsome job.
  • I would rather buy a scooter but not a cycle.
  • I would rather buy a scooter than a cycle.
Rule 4 : After the subordinating conjunction 'lest' the auxiliary 'should' is used.
              Lest - for fear that / If it is not so.
  • Work hard lest you fail.
  • Work hard lest you should fail.
Rule 5 : The connecting word 'that' is used with the adjective phrase 'the same/the only/superlative adjectives/all
  • This is the same book which I wanted.
  • This is the same book that I wanted.
Rule 6 : The conjunction 'or' is used with not / never.
  • I have never spoken to him nor written to him.
  • I have never spoken to him or written to him.
Rule 7 : With the word 'such' the connective 'that' may be used.
  • There was such a noise what we could not hear ourselves.
  • There was such a noise that we could not hear ourselves.
Rule 8 : 
> Until - Denotes Time
> Unless - Denotes Condition
  • You will not succeed until you work hard.
  • You will not succeed unless you work hard.
  • I want to stay here unless she speaks the truth.
  • I want to stay here until she speaks the truth.
  • You cannot do well until you prepare yourself.
  • You cannot do well unless you prepare yourself.
Rule 9 : After the connective 'because' the words ' so / therefore / as' are not used.
  • Because he came late so he failed to see her.
  • Because he came late, he fail to see her.
Rule 10 : The adverb 'Not' should not be used with the connective 'Till/unless/lest/until' in that clause.
  • Until he does not solve this problem, I will stay with him.
  • Until he solves this problem, I will stay with him.
  • Unless they do not work sincere, they will not succeed.
  • Unless they work sincerely, they will not succeed.
Rule 11 : When 'since' is used as a conjunction should be preceded by present perfect tense and followed by a verb in the past tense to denote point of time.
  • Many things have happened since I have left the school.
  • Many things have happened since I left the school.
Rule 12 : With the conjunction 'if' 'then' should not be used.
  • If you work for 8 hours a day, then you will get through the examination.
  • If you work for 8 hours a day, you will get through the examination.
Rule 13 : When two objects are joined by 'as well/besides/along with /together with / in addition to / except / including with, the verb agrees with the first subject in number.
  • He as well as his students have gone there.
  • He as well as his students has gone there.


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