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April 20, 2013

Sharing my LIC ADO interview held on 16th April 2013 - Vinayak Khot


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Name : Vinayak Khot

Age : 23, Fresher

Interview Date : 16th April 2013

Interview Venue : Kolhapur Division, Western zone

P1, P2, P3: Panel members, V: Me
1 panel member was lady

I entered the room..they asked me to sit.. i put my file on the table..and i sat on the chair..

P1: so vinayak, why are you joining LIC?
P1: What are promotion chances here? (this was bcz i mentioned it in answer to 1st question..but friends you dont mention about promotion..they want you to remain as DO..they want candidates who will not leave LIC for any other job..and dont mention that you are preparing for other competitive exams)

P1: What is life insurance?

P1: What is contract? In how many people can u do a contract?

P2: Is there any ur relative in LIC? Whats his business in this year?? (They expected in terms of premium and number of policies as my dad is DO in LIC)

P2: Whats main news today?

P3(lady): Vinayak,you are engineer so your qualification is totally irrelevant to this job..  then how are you going to do this job?

P3; What is marketing?

P3: Tell me what is famous about ur native place..

P3: What is the role of DO?
(the lady was very strict)

During whole interview they didn't even open my file.. Friends..they just ask from the form which we got from LIC and some basics about LIC.. I think they will give more preference to those who are already employees of LIC..

We are very thankful to Mr Vinayak Khot on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed analysis. We wish him great success in his interview. 

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. What were your answer for the question asking 'as you are engineer and the job is very irrelevant to the qualification...

  2. Name: R. Narayana Moorthy

    Place: Tamil Nadu

    Date: 20-04-2013 Time 2.00PM

    Am going to interview before 1 PM and waiting hall than am finish certificate verification
    Am enter in interview hall three member panel member sit here, am say good after noon then start my interview most question ask panel member tamil only . so relax cool

    first question what is NEFT/RTGS expansion and diff?

    what the new plan for lic?

    what is our profile of ADO

    diff b/w old delhi and new delhi

    how many population in india ? world 3rd population country

    what is IRDA? present IRDA chairman?

    what is BPO?

    that's all and education background and familly background ask the member.......

    1. Thank you so much for the update Moorthy.. If you dont mind please mail the same to us at along with your basic details. We will update it in our blog :)

      All the best

  3. Name:- Dipak gogoi
    place:- Jorhat
    Qualification:- Bcom(Acc) MBA(IT) GIMS
    Date:- 18/04/2013
    Time:- 10 am
    I am going to Divisional office at 9.30 am. my interview is at about 12.30

    three member are setting all are male. P1, P2, and P3. They ask first hindi
    P1- what is you name?
    P1- where r u from?
    P1- what did your father do?
    P1- steps for preparing final account.
    P1- what is direct and indirect Expenses?
    P1- In which side direct and indirect expenses come to final account.
    P1- why direct expenses come in trading account?

    after that P3 ask some question
    p3- why you interested to join ADO?
    p3- roles of ADO.
    p3- tell some insurance company except LIC.
    P3- full form of IRDA.

    and lastly asked p2
    p2- tell me about LIC.
    p2- what is risk?
    P3- How can handle risk in LIC business?
    P3- difference between Internet and Intranet. finally ask P1 are you join in fare from your place. thats all.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dipak.. If possible plz do mail us the same with basic details to

      we will publish it. All the best

  4. guys any one knows result date of lic ado

  5. @shiv RK : Greetings, when can we expect lic ado interview result.?

    1. According to sources the results are already out Aruna. Better contact your regional office for details.

  6. does anyone know how much time it take to get joining letter from lic for ADO post ??
    plz rpl


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