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April 19, 2013

History Questions and Answers for SSC CGL Exam - Set 4


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Who was the first Indian Governor General after Lord Mount Batten?

The Mughal ruler who built the Buland Darwaja was ?

Diarchy in the provinces was introduced through the

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Megasthenes lived for many years at the court of the

Who was the regent of Akbar in his early days?

What portion of actual produce was fixed as the State's demand under the Zabti System?

Where was the early capital of Harshavardhana?

India was granted freedom during the British Prime Minister ?

The doctrine of Lapse was introduced by ?

Before assuming the office of the Sultan of Delhi Balban was the Prime Minister of Sultan

Who was the mother of Mahavira?

The Third battle of Panipat was fought in the year ?

The Atomic Energy Commission was set up in?

The new agricultural strategy called Green Revolution was initiated in

Name the 'Political Guru' of Mahatma Gandhi

The second session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by

Babar was succeeded to the Mughal throne by

The Chinese pilgrim visited India during the reign of Harshavardhana was?

Amuktamalyada is the work of?

The 1857 Mutiny failed mainly because of



  1. Need sac based current affair qu? Also plz update in past 2 years pattern wise

  2. how to download from this site ???????????????

    1. We have given separate mediafire links for Pdf files Shivendra.. You can download from them...

  3. nice collection of questions thank u so much mam

  4. Very good questions thanks a lot for sharing with us...


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