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April 23, 2013

Model Descriptive Paper for SBI PO Exam


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As many of our friends are confused about the descriptive paper of SBI Probationary Officers exam, here we are providing you with a sample / model descriptive test. We hope this will give you a clear idea on the descriptive paper of upcoming sbi po exam which is going to be held on 28th April 2013. All the best and happy preparation :)

Instructions :
  1. There are FIVE questions in this paper. You have to answer all the FIVE questions. 
  2. Do not mention your real, name, address or roll number anywhere in the answers.
  3. All the questions are in English only. Answers to the questions must be written in English. 
  4. Your handwriting should be legible, i.e., readable by others.
  5. Your answer should be clear, brief and to the point. No supplement / additional paper will be provided to you. So plan the matter of your answers accordingly.
  6. Write the answers of all these questions  in the space provided beneath the questions. Answer must not exceed the space provided for each question.
  Question Paper :
  1. Write a Letter in about 150 words on any one of the following: (Marks : 10)
    sample descriptive paper for sbi po
(Note : You are Rubin/Rubina and your address is 26, Everest Heights, Mount Road, Chennai)
    1. Write a letter to your Manager asking permission for a leave to attend a family function.
    2. Write a letter to a student preparing for his Board Examination giving tips on healthy study habits. 
    3.  Write a letter to the Editor of a news paper commending it on an published in it regarding environmental aware3ness and adding your own views on the duty of every citizen to protect the environment.
2. Write a Paragraph on any one of the following topics in not more than 150 words : (Marks : 8)
  1. Banks are manufacturers of Money 
  2. Features of economic recession
  3. A day when everything went wrong
3. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in approximately 250 words : (Marks : 12)
  1.  The risks of trading at the stock market
  2. The impact of interest rate changes on the economy.
  3. Responsibility of media in moulding public opinion.
4. In this section a passage will be given. And the question will be like "Make a precis of the following passage in English in your own words, in about one-third. Marks will also be deducted if your precis is much longer or shorter than the prescribed length. State the number of words used by you in your precis". No choice will be there.  (Marks 10)

5. In this section a passage will be given followed by five small questions (2 Marks each). No choice will be there (Marks 10)

If you have more doubts on these topics you can read our short notes


  1. Nice work. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Sums pretty much everything!!!thanks

  3. Thanx... Gr8 help

  4. Pls mention expected essay topics

  5. thank you admin for posting the study materials of various exams.its very helpful and your website is working wonders for most of the candidates.keep up the good work.

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    they gave me way to shine....plz tell me, is this descriptive exam online??

  10. can you provide some current HOT topic on essay which will be ask in SBI PO 2014

  11. hey admin nice work. u really showed me the way.can you provide computers study materials as well as questions.


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