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April 08, 2013

IBPS clerical Interview Experience in Hyderabad - Jaya Chandra


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Name : Jaya Chandra 

Score : 129

Interview Date : 26th March 2013

Time : 12:30 PM

Venue : Andhra Bank Apex College, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hi Friends, My name is Chandu G , I today attended my clerical IBPS interiew in Hyderabad at Andhra Bank Apex college, Gachibowli, Hyderabad , My IBPS Score 129.

As my interview was scheduled at 1 pm , i reached the venue at 12 :30 pm and the security guards allow me inside and i had been to document verification at the panel mentioned in my call letter then i have been waited for like 2 hours in the same place then a person came to the room and asked me and 4 others (who had been completed the process of verification of documents) to the interview room and the room has a connecting room where interviewrs were calling the candidate by calling bell after hearing bell , the iba representative was asking members to go inside the interview panel room one bye one as he said the order earlier.

My term comes in like an hour of waiting after

I gently knock the door and asked "May i come in please sir, Madam"

IPanel: yes , come in
Ipanel consists of 3 male(one old and two middle age) and 1 women

M2 from left said: what is your name
i answered
M2 : tell me about urself ur edu qualifications,and ur family back ground?
I answered BLAWBLAW(high qualified)
before completing he asked about my family back ground
i answered as father : govt employee
mother is a business women as she is an illeterate ,she wants to do some thing in life and to give me and my sister better quality of life so on
then M2 asked: what is the difference between Marketring and selling?
but he wants the definite meaning
i said the above mentioned basic meaning but he didnt accept and now he said he want philip kotler text book meaning
i showed my innocence or inability then he try to make answere by giving small clue but no idea from me then he started to give me a class on customer satisfaction needs demand
then  a big bomb shell blast was felt by me
then he got a phone call and then he signed other m3 on right to ask me then he saw my qualifications and said as u said banking is ur objective in introduction u should have after completing bachelors itself in 2007 by now u will be a zonal manager?
ANS: another bomb shell so i answered due to lack of awareness at that particular time.....

M3: u urself looks like a zonal manager......!

M3: So what is ur dob?

ANS: bythe next month i will be 27

M3: what did u do after completion of masters ?
 u did have 3 years?

i said i worked for a pharma company?

M3: where? and which company where were u worked?


suddenly,M2 what is your salary?
i said in annum he could not get in months then interview panel members and i said at a same time 12000

he said y did u leave ur job?
i said i couldnt get a time to wrok hard to get an entry level job in banking.

then when did u leave ur job?
Isaid 2011
M2: what did u do till now?
Isaid: trying to get an entry level job in banking as my passion and objective is banking, and i did my masters project in icici bank too sirto this M1 once moved his head as he was observing me from the beginning, he nodded his head as his acceptance to the question
i also said i had written last year ibps clerks too sir.

M2: wahts score?
Isaid:159 , so i couldnt get to an interview last year sir.

M2: now? whats score?
I said: 129

Then M3: asked y dont u do business as ur mom? she is an illiterate too she is doing y cant u?
I said: i didnt have enough capital to do business then he laughs and M3 said y dont u start a tiffins?
i am surprised with such kind of questions? and then he told a story about some people how they had started business and how they had grown with tiffins. i nodded my head with listening to him smiling.

Female: just looks at me through out the interview and answered the questions like introduction by seeing all the faces of the panel members and they seem to be happy by playing with me all 3 members seem happy but not M2 old one: i thought he expected some more from me

this is not the worst but shocking to me that they didnt ask me one banking question current affairs?
oh i have been preparing for this interview from like 10 days they didn't ask any?

by the way guys whats ur take on above conversation ? reply me

We are very thankful to Mr Jaya Chandra on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed analysis. We wish him great success in his interview. 

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  2. i m an ex- axis bank employee, so i will suggest that this ABYB program is useless, aftr paying 3.5 lakh, u will not get a sure job, though thhy will offer u a job as an Assistant Managet, but thy will treat u like a sales staff, LI/GI/MF/Gold / CA/SA, they will give u only 19000/- pm, and you have to wrk from 8 am to 8 pm, so dear frnds plz dnt enroll urself for this stupid program, if u wanna know more thn mail me to .

    1. Thank you so much for the information sir...

    2. U give a good information sir.........

  3. sir, plz tell me interview me english ki jagah agr hindi me speak kre to shi nh he.

  4. sir i hv scored 112 in ibps clerk-3 (obc-girl) from andhra pradesh,
    111 is d cut-off.,
    wat r my chances for interview sir..

    plz give some suggestions sir..

    plzz do rply sir..

  5. definitely sure do some work

  6. sir i have scored 113 marks in ibps clerks -3(phc-girl)
    will i get the job?please reply

  7. want to go with resume for the interview?


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