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April 01, 2013

IBPS CLERICAL -II INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE on 21st March from Orissa - Avinash


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Name                   :   Avinash

Qualification    :   B.Tech(CSE)

Date                    :   21st March 2013

IBPS Score        :   126 
Realtime Banking Interview Experiences
Venue                 :    UCO Bank, Bhubaneswar

Friends, This was very memorable day in my life..

I reached to the interview center and went to the verification panel.

My name was listed first.

I didn't had provisional certificate from university, Hence was panic.

Still then I bought a letter from the college stating so and done a legal document (affidavit) stating so.

My verification started, and after scrutinizing, He said "You are not allowed for further process".

Then, I went to meet higher officials present there, They were like typical Lazy Orissa Govt.Officials..

They were not even listening my case by sparing their ears for 2 min atleast..

Got frustrated with this Bullshit attitude of these old aged outdated officials..and tried to convince them for 3 long hours..I cried.. lots of drama happened..

Then Finally, they allowed me to interview at last from my panel where as I was supposed to go in the beginning itself.

Still then I didn't lose my hope, went to the hall with confidence and charming smile on my face..

M1: Asked Name, 's Occupation,Percentages at all levels of education.

M1: Do you know all the four languages(English,hindi,telugu,oriya) and when did you learn it..??

M2: told me to read the oriya newspaper..As oriya was my 3rd  language at primary school level..I lost touch in that language,, still then I managed to read some few lines slowly and steadily..

M2: thereafter, told me write a sentence in oriya.. I tried to write half sentence as I don't know the spellings of other words.

M2: asked questions about state like no:of districts ,blocks, sub-divisions etc..Got some correct,  some unanswered..

M3: madam asked, how can technology bring revolution in IT sector..after answering this question.. she asked me,did you read about this article anywhere..?? i said no..It seemed that I've given an answer which matched some information in an article published..

M3: how  to find IP address of computer

M3: what is  networking..??

M1: asked me.. did you gave PO exam..I said no,,then he said why..?? I said I want to take responsibility as a clerk then,thereafter I want to have promotion.. he said "why dont you go to PO,if you have a direct opportunity for it..? and countered my answers by saying that "Give logically correct answers"..

M1: describe about any village of your district,, then I described about a village and said that "in that village there is a literate person in every family"  Again,He countered me by saying that, No village in orissa is literate..

M1: asked  did you see any bank with good customer service,,I said.. yes..and desribed about ICICI bank ..he asked how..?? I said .they do constant feedback,, give hospitality.. provide drinks..when we go to bank..Again he countered me,that Shall  we also give cool drinks in rural branches, for all farmers.. for good customer service...Then I said its practically not feasible..

M4: asked me about my strengths..

that all..

After the interview,  I thought that the interviewer has countered me 3 times... May be he thought that I'm not giving honest answers..

I  just want your reviews and comments... All the Best all

Before going to thank him, we just want to say sorry to Mr Avinash for irritating him like hell to update this interview experience :) . He mailed his experience on 23rd of this month. For almost 10 days we irritated him for more details and picture. He patiently kept on responding to us without blaming us for anything. So finally we could upload this post. So we thank him for his patience, concern and helping nature and we wish him great success in his interview :)

.......Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. All the best Avinash. You performed well. I(Manu) think they want to upset you by counter questions. Dont worry and all the best.

  2. Dear sometime the interviewer tried to check ur patience and ask some irrelavant questions. So don't worry. If I am not wrong u have appeared ibps interview conducted by the UCO bank. Those people were asking various irrelavant questions like how many letters r there in odia script and out of which how many r vowel/consonents. It does not matter much how many u have answered but it matters how is ur approach to each question. Because questions have no limit and it does not mean that one person should know all the answers.

  3. u got the final selection?


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