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April 01, 2013

Expected GA Questions for SSC CGL 2013 - General Science


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Friends, here are the Expected General Science questions for the upcoming SSC CGL Exam. Happy Reading :)

The atmospheric air is held to the Earth by

The function of ball bearings in a wheel is

'Shock-absorbers' are usually made of steel as it

Saliva helps in the digestion of

The longest bone in the human body is

Red data book gives information about species which are

The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would

Which of the following could be used as fuel in propellant or rockets?

The addition of gypsum to Portland cement helps in

White lung disease is prevalent among the workers of

Iodoform is used as an

An artificial ecosystem is represented by

  • pisciculture tank
  • agricultural land
  • zoo
  • aquarium

The constituents of automobile exhaust that can cause cancer is

The optimum diss0olved oxygen level (in mg/litre) required for survival of aquatic organisms is

Normal fasting blood sugar level per 100 ml of blood in man is

The vector of disease sleeping sickness is

Among the following materials sound travels fastest in

Hard steel contains

Cement is formed by strongly heating a mixture of

Glass is


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  4. copied from Mahendra Test Series ,bet u if proved me wrong....

    1. yep you are wrong... we picked these from old question papers of ssc... We are ready to stop updates if you can prove that... and why are you "Anonymous" if you want to bet???

    2. Awesome reply mam..;-);-)

  5. Realy a very great job, Sir...

  6. Realy a great job, sir...Exclusive collection, keep it up & thanks

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  9. Correction in ques-9
    Gypsum is added to control the “setting of cement”. If not added, the cement will set immediately after mixing of water leaving no time for concrete it reduces the time taken by cement to set

  10. If you provide some more would be help full fro preparing ssc....


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